Thursday, September 8, 2011

Show and Tell


Patty, you were the lone star in my mailbox this afternoon. Thanks for the shout out. I heard you loud and clear: You've got mail! Girl hollered so loud the vibrations knocked her hat askew. Thanks for the mail, as well.

Mail from the talented Ms Elle. My avatar! As in "Aunt Bee." Hehehe! God bless you, Elle. I do love color. I get to shoot more wasps than bees, but when it's bee season, I have my reasons to buzz among them with My Third Eye. Thank you, Ms Elle.

Now this is just fun. I wonder where Patty gets her gems? Being a teacher, I'm guessing you get lots of goodies. Thanks for sharing. You certainly know how to jazz up mail. 

More bees! Yesss! I accidentally learned how Elle "did" Marjolein's bees. See? It pays to read. :) Thanks Elle. I'll have to try that. And then there's the cute little "air mail" bee. 

Susan, where did you find your little bee stamp. How cute! I like the way you suggested movement-- You called to mind the flight of the bumblebee. Very clever.

Sneak Peeks at Outgoing:

I have Patty to thank for the sheet music envelopes. She sent me one of her famous stacks, and you cannot imagine the goodies! Oh, me, oh my, the goodies. Some are too "good" to damage, so they will end up in my journals, or on the covers. I was torn over using the sheet music; there were notations penciled in on several pages, and the titles . . . Well, I'm sure I couldn't appreciate them more if I were a musician myself.

Here's one for you Elle. I promise to type the next one. Hope my choice of writing stock doesn't aggravate you. 

Another gift from Patty's Stack. I, too, am bewitched by her generous spirit. What a trip down memory lane. Samantha and . . .

Poor thing. Did Endora ever get his name right? Er, Derwin, Derwood . . . Thanks one more time Patty.

Kimi, heads up! Or should I say "Flag up?" Do mailboxes still have flags? Anyway, I hope you won't have trouble opening the origami envie. I had to tape the edges to prevent their being damaged. Thanks for such a lovely, kind letter. You are a good daughter.

Patty, I am crazy for the cats! I painted the nails on back. I am so looking forward to using the Nancy Drew stationery. What a find! Thanks for being so generous. Feist, Minuet, and Simon feel important, seeing the feline population represented in such a positive way. Yay!

Misty, I'm a little late, but some goodies can't wait. I'm late wishing Carter the Great a great first day at school. Hopefully the little gift will make up for it. And I got you a little something the same day I heard you like them. Hope you will enjoy.

One fish
Two fish
I didn't have no blue fish!
Hope four reds will do instead.

(Stay tuned.)


  1. Hey there, Limner. I'm glad you can put those to use. It does a body good to see them being sent all around. May all your days be GOOD MAIL DAYS.

  2. Oh wow limner another bewitched fan as well ? wow I did not know that you enjoyed bewitched too . I think I liked it best when samantha was serena LOL !!!

  3. Patty, are you kidding? You sent me a gold mine! I have a terrible problem now: Deciding what to use, and what to keep for my journal art. I am selfish sometimes. ;) Thank you, all over again.

    phonelady61 who wouldn't like Bewitched? LOL. I didn't care for bad girl Serena. She was as bad as Endora. Poor Samanth had her work cut out for her with those two. I adored Aunt Clara. She reminds me of . . . OMG! She reminds me of my fumbling mumbling self too often. If I were a witch, I'd be like dear Aunt Clara.

    I saw Agnes Moorehead in an old b&w movie just the other night. She was hot back in her day. :D

  4. Mmh where did my comment go...
    Oh well
    the bewicht one is great :D used to love that show and I need to see in the stack of Libelle's (Dutch magazine) I got from my mom if I have some Bee's by Marjolein, she does a drawing for the magazine every week

  5. Can't wait to see it in person Limner! No your font type is perfectly problem! It is just cursive handwritten addresses that I sometimes can't seem to figure out :) Thanks for the bee-you-tea-full envie!

  6. Looking at your stack of outgoing I thought "Hey! Those labels look mighty familiar!" I hope you got them on a nice little sale like I did. I had never been to an Office Max before and recently made my first trip. Not only did I find $6 typewriter ribbons, but they had lovely little tins filled with those labels! On clearance! I like the labels for how well they stick (I worry less when I know my mail won't be returned to me minus an address label ...sad day when that happens!) but I think my favorite part is the tin! I keep a whole cornucopia of labels in there now!

  7. Hey, Ashley! Yep, they're from Office Max. I bought them last year. I have a bad habit of buying stuff on sale, putting it away, then forgetting about it.

    I reuse my tins, too. :D I keep un-used leftover rub-ons in some of them. That way I don't end up ruining them after a sheet has been almost cut away.

    Oh, and yes, you're right: The self-adhesive labels don't require tape or glue that detracts from the mail art. I have this thing about tape. Sometimes my sister and Erin complain about having to almost destroy a package from me because it's been laminated in tape. :)