Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday's Post

Misty sent me a map of her state. Thank you, Misty! Bowled me over, she did. I like maps. And it's odd, because I disliked them when I was a kid. Refolding one can make a kid like me have a nervous breakdown. Too anal. 

We traveled a lot. Daddy made Mama the navigator when he got lost. He used to give Betty and me the map when we got bored counting cars, cows, signs, rest stops, and after we grew tired of fighting, and hollering about who was looking at who. One time Daddy advised us to, "Close your eyes then." Mama said, "Then don't look at each other." Where was the fun in that. If we followed their advice we'd have fallen asleep in no time . . . Sill, ff looks could kill, both of us would have died before we made it to first grade. Daddy's eyes reflected in the rear view mirror talked to the peanut gallery in the back seat. Some of their favorite messages were: "Don't make me pull over and take off my belt." Or, "What did your mama just say? Huh?" Talk about having a drill sergeant for a father. We knew when to stand at attention while sitting down. Today it's called standing down. 

But anyway, since maps didn't have pictures, we pretty much took pleasure in unfolding and trying to refold ours. I never got it right until I became Mama, the Navigator, and JC used to whine about how poorly I refolded his precious maps. I went on to become a map-folding ace after I became the solo pilot, navigator, pit stop crew, and enforcer. I had a few simple rules, like: 

Do not touch the mirrors.
Do not drink a lot of water.
Ladies do not pee in the bushes.
No, we won't stop at every souvenir shop.
Remember what I taught you about map-reading.
Don't mess up my map.
Fold it the way you found it.
You're in charge of the music, now let's rock while we roll!

You're wondering, "What does this have to do with letters and mail?" Well, I wondered just how far Ravenna is from Katy. I have the good sense to have someone else calculate the distance. And guess what. It's a whopping hello away.

The distance between Katy, TX and Ravenna, OH is 1134.0 miles (1824.0 km). Imagine that! Now don't you reckon that's quite a distance for a mere 44¢. You try going somewhere for 44¢ and see where it gets you. But don't come calling me, cause gas is $3.29 a gallon here, and the Honda wants at least 10 gallons to say she's full.

What can you buy for 44¢ these days? A 44¢ stamp, that's what.


Outgoing Mail:

I am still quite taken with these. The card reminds me of SuddenlySusan. It's that sun, you see. Susan, remember: The sun shines on us even when we cannot see it. :) Am thinking of you. The children at M. D. Anderson Hospital make me wish I could be their art teacher. But who teaches children how to create art? They recreate what they see around them and inside them. The M.D. Anderson kids manage to be creative between and often during cancer treatments; their notecards, and holiday greeting cards inspire so many on so many levels.


I like this little guy. I used him for Erin's latest address label. It's only fitting. Hope it lifts her spirits. The Docent's 50th Anniversary dessert was a success. She managed to pull it off despite not feeling well. I want to show you what she created so bad I can almost taste it.Here's a hint:  Think chocolate and gold! Yum!

Moanday's Mail Bag is waiting to be filled. So, I'll see you soon, in a mailbox near you. Until then, write on.


  1. Wow I m in Ohio and still a ways from misty . So you see Im still closer than you but still a distance and I dont think I could go there for .44cents . LOL !!!

  2. Amen--best bargain in America is the joy and wonder contained in an envelope, all traveling from one soul to another.

  3. Thats for sure! If you are looking on that map, I live about 10 mins ride from Brad (who resides in Streetsboro), but there is no way I would make it there for 44 cents either...unless of course I walked! Haha. I am glad you liked the map. Just wait...more goodies are sure to find there way to you. =)

  4. You're next, phone lady. Sure am glad we don't still rely on the Pony Express. I'd have to leave a tip for the rider, leave some oats and an apple for the pony. Go mustangs! And flirt with the postmaster. I wonder how far the trail would reach if I lined up all the stamps on letters in and out? Hmm. Not very far, more than likely. So, how about calculating the total mileage we've wracked up to date? Nope. Too mind boggling. Wish I'd kept a log. :)

    Maria, I wonder if there's another country that charges such nominal amounts for postage as the US. If I were launching a campaign to get more Americans to write, I'd quote you.

    Now I wonder if other postal systems work better than ours. Thanks for the thought-provoking comments. Sometimes I wonder. :)

    Hey, you. :) Ten minutes away from each other? Were y'all originally neighbors, or what? You can bet I like the map. Thanks one more time. I've posted it twice. It can take me a while to get past actively appreciating and loving on things I get, before I post them. I have riches and treasure galore to show and tell about. :D Gonna look at my map again after dinner. And, golly-me! Wait and see! I got mail!

    Maria, did Maya get the boost to her saving-for-Disney fund? LOL! Misty gave me the little Disney stickers. Misty, I'll tell you all about it some day, soon. Thanks for that ESP thing. You're a blessing.