Thursday, September 8, 2011

Reaching Back to July

This is my show case. I started collecting wine corks several years ago, with the idea of making my own cork board. At the rate I drink, I'd have been 80ish before I could have collected enough for half a board. I am allergic to wine, but I do buy it for dinner guests.  Erin contributed to my sparse collection on occasion--thanks to kind co-workers who contributed to the cause. Wait staff collect corks. 

Just as I was getting desperate, I came across a discounted board at BB&B. I snatched it up, and still count myself fortunate. It has the place of honor: next to the desk in the room where I write. It hangs right beneath the watercolors of the Charleston flower ladies, and basket weavers, and above my Epson printer, that sits on my Japanese stool. They're perfectly aligned.

I often showcase a month's worth of postcards at a time. Tonight I decided to showcase something new. I wish I had the discipline to do a new piece every day, but it ain't happening. I'm just not up to it, but it's a thought.

So, reaching back to July, I chose an amazing work of art that lives on the back of an envelope. It contained navigation charts! Thank you, Linda Williams. I still marvel at the very idea that you gave me part of your rare treasure. I still spread them across my bed, and my imagination takes flight. Imagine being able to chart waters.

There is so much to see on the envelope. I apologize for the poor quality of my photos, but I didn't want to wait for tomorrow's natural light to take better photographs. You can still make out the swell Band-Aid that Linda used for an address label. Is that novel, or what? And that mailman? How cute is he? 

There's more, but I will wait for natural light. I am ashamed to confess, but I will: Linda's letter is dated July 25. See how far behind I am? I am slowly digging myself out, and I need to hurry before winter. If I fail, I will limit myself to writing one letter a month. That's like rehab to a letter-writing-lover.

Thank you, dear Linda! I so like those stamps, and your original stationery. Very novel. I will devote another post to showcase your gifts. I never get boring mail! Translation: I will never run out of material, thanks to everyone I come close to adoring.


  1. What an clever idea! Did you know I live in wine country??? I love this post. Every time I see the awesome mail art people send you, I think I should be doing some of it but haven't quite carved out enough time to develop an idea.

  2. oh my goodness that mail man is uber cute I would love to find a stamp like that . LOL !!! There is no way I could free hand anything like that im sorry to say !!!

  3. This cork board is super cool!:D Great idea. It's a pity I'm not much of a wine drinker.
    And the mailman, indeed cute=)

  4. Susan, you're in the right place to harvest corks, huh? :) I like mine, although it's small. Wish I could find a larger one, but the size I dream of would be a bit expensive unless I made it myself. The corks save my walls. :) One has a habit of falling off.

    I still want to make a genuine cork cork board of my own. Mine wouldn't be framed. Wow. Just had an idea. I could always buy corks. Wonder why I never thought of that before? You made me smarter, Susan.. :D

    You also gave me another idea. BRB.

  5. Anyway . . . Are you a wine connoisseur? Sometimes I miss having wine with certain dinners, but I took a photo of my face all puffy and covered with hives once. I take it out on occasion to remind me of why I shouldn't imbibe.

    phonelady61 I didn't know he was a stamp. I'd like one too, if I knew where to find him. :) I thought he was a drawing. Neat wings, huh?

    GotThatSwing, that's what I'm saying. :D

  6. I love the mailman! And I'd love having a rubber stamp like that! :)