Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Picture is Worth How Much?

This photograph is probably seven years old, give or take a year, but I've only now found the courage to use it. This is Minuet, ex-bad girl of our household. Before Feist, Min wore the crown with innocence and a wink.
I put off using the image because my sister, Mina, threatened me if I used it because her address was clearly visible. Both have faded with time and resizing.
So. I wrote the letter and sealed it in the pink envelope. I put it on the little three- drawer trolley until I could mail it later. I think Minuet wanted to add a post script, because she went after the letter as if she were a member of the Mission Impossible team.
I was busy at my Mac, and just happened to catch her going for it. It didn't occur to me to capture her determination until after she switched paws. You see, Minuet is a south paw. I guess the right one wasn't getting the job done; she wasn't tall enough to manage it flat-foot, so she had the sense to tuck her head beneath the lip of the top drawer, thereby increasing the length of her reach.
These years later, I still wonder what she would have done had she gotten her paws on Mina's letter. She reminds me of the letter-writing monkey in that movie, "Monkey Business." But, isn't she the cutest thing, my downward-facing-cat?
Do you have a letter-reading/writing pet?


  1. My cats do keep me company when I write letters ;)

  2. Hilarious photo.

    Of course I have feline help in my letter-writing, about which I blog frequently... and I have the Feline Postal Brigade group on Flickr.

    You know you can use graphics software to blur out addresses and such in photos, yes?

  3. No but I have a computer bird ? does that count ? LOL !!! Gotta love the cats because they are so nosy or should I say enquiring ? doesnt enquiring sound better than nosy ? LOL !!!

  4. Wow. Almost missed these. Must make a habit of replying the same day I post. :)

    Henderica, do they jostle your elbow, wanting a scratch behind the ear? Feist just walks across the paper, or the keyboard. I sure will be glad when she grows up.

    I think your felines are more well behaved than one Feist though, Maven. Minuet steals, er . . . Minuet "collects" things. Then hides them. Although, she's gotten better about it since Feist came.

    I have an older version of the software you mentioned. I don't relish digging through stacks of cd cases in the office closet to find it. Yet. :) Thanks for the reminder that such help exists.

    phonelady! Yep, computer birds count. Inquiring cats are as inquiring minds. :)

  5. Limner, the graphics software I use is a free download from the internet at

    My felines are fairly well behaved now that they are old ladies... but they were much feistier in their younger years!

  6. Thank you, MM. Will try it out. Feist is much younger than Min and Simon. She gives everyone a workout. Rumor has it that she is too feral to be taught good manners.