Sunday, September 18, 2011

Part II + Contest Rules

I kept my promise.

And, before earlier, and now, I cooked mac and cheese from scratch,  cornbread from scratch, and baked an apple pie from scratch. I even added a veg. The cod hadn't thawed, so we had a meatless dinner. But, I kept my word. I'm back.

The Moanday Mail Bag is plump. There's more to be written between now and bedtime, so . . . See you in the mail . . . But wait! I almost forgot:

Another goodie has been added to the Halloween Pumpkin. No, it's not the Great Pumpkin, but by the time it flies, it will be full of great goodness. So. If you want this fattening gift, simply send a postcard. 

Wait! There's more: Just holler, "Happy Halloween, Limner!" In print though. In print. On the front, or  on the back. I'm not picky. Add a stamp and send haunting wishes my way. If you're a follower, your card will be put into the belly of the Halloween Beast, and on September 30, Nephew will pick the winning postcard. BTW, doesn't he remind you of Arthur's friend, um . . . What's his name? On the show "Arthur & Friends?" The pumpkin, not Nephew!

Good luck, all!


P.S. Misty, am waiting to see what you're planning. You're quite creative, by far. 


  1. Oh my arent you something , You little devil you.

  2. LOL. Now I'm a little devil? Is it a step up from being a witch? ;)

    Make sure you enter early.

  3. I love the idea!! Perhaps I will send you a mock up of my goodies for the kids at work. =)

  4. That sounds like a winning idea. I'd love to see what you're working on. :)