Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oops! There it is!

Okay, Patty. Okay, Henderica. Here's the mail I've been wondering about. The mystery of it it not arriving has kept me scratching my head. I kept asking myself, "Why haven't Henderica responded?" And I wondered, "Is Patty ticked off at me or something?" Well, now I know. Mystery solved.

I'd just finished my overdue postcards for Postcrossing. Was looking for all that postage I bought recently. Spied color from the corner of my eye. Three envelopes peeked at me from just under the head of my bed. Guess what. I should look under the bed more often.

I discovered a bundle of mail. Mail meant to be posted. Mail meant to be answered. I blame Feist. She thinks she owns the house, and because she's the youngest, and doesn't obey half the rules. She tends to act like a bull in a china closet when she sneaks into my room. She drinks from my glass. She eats from my popcorn bowl, if I'm not there to protect it. She's eaten a handful of my precious bird feathers. So I have every right to blame her for the missing mail.  It's a good thing I scan 99% of all outgoing mail. It helps if I need proof-or-penning. 

Now, if only I could find the missing postcards, as well!


  1. Oh dear that nasty little fiest . I swear that kitty needs to learn some manners.

  2. Good idea having digital proof. I only hope I haven't forgotten to respond to anybody. When I quit hearing from someone I do wonder if maybe, just maybe I dropped the ball and only thought I responded. I hope your postcards present themselves soon.

  3. Good thing you found them :D

    My Murray has also got some weird food cravings, but she's not into popcorn as far as I know, some of the things she loves are carrot, potato, pea soup, liquorice and cupcake ;)

  4. My kitty drinks from my glass when I'm writing letters too and it drives me crazy! Just go drink from your own bowl, dumb cat! (I love her to death, but not when my beverages are concerned :P)

  5. LOL, phonelady, I wonder why there aren't obedience schools for cats? Then I realize it because the cats would end up running the school. Feist has traumatized poor Simon. I have to escort him from room to room. Not that she respects me any better. She thinks she has the right to leap onto my shoulders, and I promise you I am telling the truth when I say, "She aims for the top of my head." She wants to dominate. Minuet, with the killer south paw is slowly teaching her who's boss. ;)

    Mrs. Duffy! :) I visited the Victorian web site. I will discuss in my next letter. Ooh, good things to write about are right up my alley. And yes, I found the postcards. I took a photo as proof. I misplace (lose) things when I clean up my creative spaces, or try to restore order. I found the stack in a Merrell shoe box, of all places. :) I'm going to send you one, just because you asked. :D

    Henderica, I was right. I'd put only one stamp on your letter 'cause I couldn't find the international postage. Or the three new panes.

    When Erin was just a little thing and didn't want to pick up her toys, I told her, "If you have too many toys to tidy up, then maybe we should give some of them away, huh? Problem solved. So, that's what I am trying to do. Patty said, if something new comes in, something older has to go out. It's a job keeping up, let me tell you. Give-aways up to the new year are on my agenda. Heads up!

    Murray has a discriminating palate. I don't mind sharing the popcorn. Minuet loves it. And ice cream. Simon is picky and might or might not eat any, but Feist likes to stand in the bowl and eat. Little heifer. :)

    Felicia. :) No one wants kitty breath, eh? Feist likes to lick my electric toothbrush head. I hate that. She also loves to drink from the toilet. Not the other two, so I have no idea where she picked up that habit. What's your kitty's name? Introduce us! :)

  6. If your wondering why you haven't heard from me... I can't blame the kitty... I only have myself to blame. Your letter is in my correspondence bag,(and has been for more than a week), waiting for me to get to my art table to make a suitable envelope. I am just going to mail it and ask for forgiveness and hope to do better with the envelope next time. Life has been coming at me fast... Hugs for now! Elle

  7. Poor elle. No, I'm not wondering about mail. It comes when it comes. I am, however, wondering how you are faring? Allergy season is as debilitating as flu season. My IQ seriously decreases when my head is stuffed, because less oxygen makes it past swollen membranes. :) And when you're sick, you're sick. Getting better has top priority. Life comes at us no matter how many letters wait. :) So, just take care and be well.
    Hugs and chicken soup!

  8. Cats are such mysterious creatures! I had the two best cats growing up. A Maine Mountain Coon cat named Cruz and a Blue Russian named Max. One lived to 19 and the other to 17.

    My FMIL is a cat lover and has a sign that says "Dogs have masters, cats have staff." They also joke that they live in the cats house because really the cats run the show haha. :)