Friday, September 16, 2011

One a Day

I'm going to showcase some of my mail, as in "one-a-day." I want to do out-going, but I think alternating between out-going and in-coming makes for a better balance. I don't want the formula carved in stone though, so . . . We'll see how it goes.

Oh, I know it's the norm for so many of you, but I'm like an albino raven. Different. I am also still learning the rules of the game. Thanks for putting up with me.

I've been going through some of my older mail. I have a gold mine of letters, cards, and gifts from so many wonderful people. They deserve their moments in the light. But, what if I forget something? What if I show the same piece twice? What to do?

I don't know. Well, I hope you won't hold it against me if I don't post one of your lovelies. I am human, and I err often. But, please know this: I have never thrown away a single piece of mail. I dream of a time capsule. A Limner's Mail time capsule. Or a book. I believe it will be great to write a book when I am 80ish. In it will be every single piece of mail I have received over the years, with wonderful comments. Hmm. You never know.


Remember back in the day, how pen pals eventually got around to swapping photographs? Well, I have received a total of one photograph since I began my dream of writing letters to others who love to pen letters, and make friends via mail. It is a photograph that I cherish. The image matches the personality that comes through every line I read when I open a letter that begins, "Dear Limner," and ends with her name.

It stays on my nightstand. It's the one thing Feist hasn't tried to chew. You'd think she was a puppy the way she gnaws on things. I like to think she feels the nice vibes that emanate from the picture. Or, maybe she likes that smile. It's genuine, and gentle, and it makes me smile back every time I see it.

I haven't thanked the sender. "Why not," you wonder? Well, confessing this makes me squirm, but I owe my friend an explanation. A public one of sorts, seems to be in order, so I hope you will realize just how touched I am by your gesture of friendship, if you read this:

I am a private, rather shy, loner, who likes people from a distance. I prefer anonymity to the alternative. I haven't allowed many photographs to be taken of me. I have my reasons, and every one would make perfect sense if you knew what they are. "I cannot send you a photo in return, dear friend."

She hasn't asked for one, either. That's what friends do. They don't "investigate" you. They don't Google Earth your home. They accept what you offer of yourself.

Thank you, dear WKMK.


Ok, here's the first installment of my one-a-day, one-of-a-kind daily mail. Outgoing and incoming. Or should it be "recently arrived?" Semantics, right? 

I bought this little guy when I lived in Colorado. I love cards from the Sierra Club. I used to buy their calendar every year, then couldn't bring myself to toss the old one at the end of the year. I always held on to a card from a box, just because I wanted to keep at least one of the images. I promised myself I would mat and frame it. Well, I never did. I found this one in a box recently. Since I am getting rid of stuff from my Too Much Stuff list, I put this guy at the top. I know the recipient will take good care of it. It leaves in Moanday's Mail Bag.

Do you dissect ads? I do. Instinctively. It's part of having majored in Ad Design. No matter; I like this. It's sweet. It's delicately pretty. It's interesting. Those are some of the things that matter most, aside from the fact that someone sent such a lovely thing to me, of all people. I am such a sucker for kindness. Wish I could show you the stationery.

This is just pretty--this envelope. Check out the cancelation stamp and the location of the stamp. What do you think, Misty? A genuine keeper, huh? Thanks Mrs. Kane. I am still glad that you won my last give-away, and I hope you will give me the nod to post excerpts from your lovely thank-you note. I treasure it.

Hopefully, one a day keeps the mail cravings away.

Write on!

Sincerely sincere,


P.S. If you feel you need to do a background check on me, please, don't choose me as a pen pal. I value my privacy. 


  1. Oh my LOL !!! a background check ? Oh Limner you are too funny . Im laughing so hard right now and Love it and loved the bewitched letter . sent a reply yesterday (friday). Take care my dear .

  2. Limner ~

    I'm sure your friend understands.

    By the way, I love the frog! Too cute.

  3. I like people from a distance too, although I like my up-close friends as well. I received your most recent letter on Wednesday but with my 10 hour work days I set it aside so I could enjoy reading it after being rested. It was worth the wait!

    I love the envelope you posted here. So many things to love about it but especially the color.

  4. I also like people from a distance, some even say that is why (shy) people usually have penpals but I don't agree, I love receiving mail an learning about other people in far away places.

    My Murray loves to lick pictures, I still wonder what is on them she might like so much (or is she just getting high of it like catnip)

    as far as in and outgoing mail post, I've been lazy on mine, partly of the lack of pretty envies I receive and I also haven't received much lately

  5. Motherkitty, I sure hope you are right. In fact, I am going to take heart from your comment. Thank you.

    Susan, I enjoy your blog more and more. I've been with you all the way--looking over your shoulder. :) I could have sworn a gnat flew into my eye last week. ;) Very good writing. Very engaging for me.

    Yes, those colors go together like a hand and glove.

    Henderica, me, too. :) I am fortunate that my close friends are my friends and take me as I am. When I have lived out of state, we might not hear from each other for a year, but one phone call and it was like we'd only seen each other the week before. :)

    LOL! Murray sounds like our cats. They have addictions just like people. They love to lick the plastic bags because of the fish by-products that's used to make them. Or so I've read.

    Don't despair. Everyone has down mail days. I've been busy creating bits of mail, putting together goodies for the give-away, making things for a mass mailing, plus writing letters, baking pies and cooking to feed a young nephew. He's 6' 4" and growing. He's actually filling out. :)

    One more thing? I've decided to write only when I have something to write about. Writing hollow letters takes too much work. It feels like a duty and not a pleasure. So, write and post when you are inspired. :)

  6. nod granted, as far as I'm concerned the letter belongs to the receiver...