Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mail Revisited on Sunday

A favorite postcard. I think "cheek to cheek" every time I look at it. Lovely b&w photo, huh? Thanks Motherkitty.

Poetry is as poetry reads. By way of Mr. Richard.

I can't get enough of this. Ganesh/Ganesha, how interesting. Thank you. 

Oh, my. Lightning strikes twice?

Gotcha! Nope, it's not another ellyphant. It's a reading rhino. Thank you Jackie. Where did you get the stationery? It's just sweet and cute and begs to be owned. You are the first to send one of the stamps listed in my top five must-haves. It's adorable.

My turn.

You know those little pieces of adhesive paper that are left on the edges of a pane? The ones that surround stamps? Well, it bothers me to toss those bits. So, I put them to good use every chance I get. In this instance, they reinforce iffy edges that might come loose in the machines. They also lighten up a sea of blue, and it draws the eye around the envelope and back to the stamp. See? I haven't forgotten what I learned in all those art classes.

This sweet quilted pillow top is destined for someone who is just as sweet and interesting and kind and loves her daughter a whole lot. It was meant to live out its natural life on one of my journal pages, but it seemed better suited as a thank-you. And so it is. It goes out in tomorrow's mail.

A favorite postcard that I buy every time I see it. I still stare in wonder. Doesn't matter how many times I choose one, I pore over it. Paul Hul: truly a gifted artist.

I couldn't resist buying a box of cards created by children being treated at M. D. Anderson's Hospital. Creating takes their minds off being ill and having to undergo chemo and treatment for cancer. Wish I could have bought a box of every child's work. If I could, I'd cover the walls of the room I call my studio. I hope you like this gem as much as I do. The message that I get personally? No matter how blue life might seem, there's always light to guide the way. I know for a fact that the sun always shines--even when we cannot see it.

It rained yesterday AND today! Yay! The sky is pretty, the light is light, it's coolish, and the wind blows gently. Oh, what a day to revisit mail!

Write on.

Psstt! There's more. Now is time to made dinner. (sigh) There's always something to interfere with a limner's fun.


  1. Oh how dare it , interfere with the Charlie Browns fun time . LOL !!!