Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Limner PostScript

For an interesting article that might make you groan, shiver in fear, or just plain shudder, check out You won't have a problem figuring out which one I am referring to. Okay, if you're like me, you might. I like the site, and try to read everything in one session, so take a gander at this: Hymn to Handwriting. First the post office, now handwriting? 

I have at least one shelf devoted to my filled Moleskines. Don't get your panties in a bunch just yet. Yes, this is about letter-writing. To me, it is, anyway. You see, when I write in my journals, I am writing to someone. For real. I often start an entry with, Dear ______. Sometimes it's God, my guardian angel, someone I am having a conversation with and need to get things off my check, or I write to myself. So, in essence, I really am writing a letter. A never-ending letter, so to speak.

Wouldn't it be novel to start a Moleskine with an open letter and mail it on? To a pen pal? Then they would do the same until it's full? If this happened for real, I have a grand idea about where it should be sent after it finds its way back to me.

IF I thought someone would sign on, the topic will be "Why Handwriting is NOT in Danger." I'd begin with something along these lines:

Dear _______,

Hey, how are you todayy? Hope you're well and getting some great mail. I am still a little behind in answering mine, but the end is always in sight. Elusive, but in sight. I was at the post office again yesterday. The clerk and I chatted for a bit. She thanked me for being a regular customer. Said they appreciate my efforts. I had to smile. I seriously doubt their facility will close. It's too busy. It's raggedy, but does brisk business.

Anyway, I was just sitting here thinking, after reading about the hymn to handwriting. I came across it on my regular visit to I couldn't help but shake my head after. Seriously? First mail, now handwriting? What do "they" think is gonna happen when the power fails . . . Permanently? 

Oh, shucks. Gotta go. It's time to go pick up Nephew. More later.

Love and hugs,



  1. Oh, what a novel idea! Do start a "moleskin" letter and send it out...I'd love to participate :> How long do you think it would take for it to be sent back to you? Or would it be sent to you after each pen pal's letter?

  2. Thank you-thank you-thank you! I appreciate you thinking it's a "novel" idea. It's a weak pun on my part, but still . . . :)

    Nooo. It wouldn't come back to me until after the last page was used. Everyone who participates will be a part of letter-writing history, and living proof that handwriting is here to stay. :)

    I like to imagine the first writers wrote in the sand, dirt, ashes . . . They graduated to leaving their mark on cave walls. Then stone. Pencils and ink and . . . You know the rest.

    Do you reckon the same rumors ran rampant when the typewriter was invented? :D

    Hope you'll become a part of the Moleskine venture. The new year is the planned launch date.

  3. Hi, Limner ~

    I am addicted to Moleskine notebooks. Absolutely LOVE them! I do check out their site once or twice a week, and I saw the piece you mentioned. I thought it well done.

    I am willing to take part in the moleskine letter project. Let me know.

    Hope you're having a terrific day! Gentle hugs and many blessings to you.

  4. Thank you, Motherkitty. Boy, do I have some 'splainin' to do to you. It's about a letter. I'll send as is, but I appreciate you getting on board the Moleskine project. I want the notebook to rotate according to acceptance. It will go to Happy Day Mail first, then to you . . . I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. :) Too much excitement. ;)

    More later, but again, thanks for signing on. You won't regret it. Hope your day is as good as mine has been so far, and better. :) Be well.

  5. Oh dear, I hate to be a wet blanket on your fun idea, but the mailing-a-journal-around-the-world (or country) with or without a theme gets done pretty regularly over on the Fountain Pen Network with lots of enthusiam at the start - and then, all to often, it just disappears. Sometimes they resurface and continue on, but most times they're never to be seen again. A sad result for such a great idea. Just thought you should know...

  6. Point taken, StoneZebra, and thanks for saying it loud and clear. BUT, I believe letter writers are a breed apart. We are honorable people. Guilt eats at us if we're even a day late answering a letter. :) Ours Moleskine will be filled with letters and mail art.

    I want to enclose a list of names and addresses to forward the journal to, but someone might have a pen pal they absolutely KNOW would be perfect for getting on board. You never know, so I'm leaving that option on the table as a possibility.

    If there's a list, we'll know where the journal is, then I can post a running commentary, based on who posts a notice that shouts: It's here! It's my turn.

    This journal is destined for a special address once it's filled with letters. We are going to show American Chicken Littles how the sky doesn't fall on our heads.

    And, we know that we, the letter writers of America are determined, honest, hard-writing, dedicated mail-art-creating people, and we want out mail! If we write it, THEY must deliver.

    (Stepping off soap box now.) StoneZebra, you brought out the beast in me. :)

  7. Hi Limner,

    I tried to leave a comment earlier but I think it got lost in cyberspace. It's been one of those days here...heard a noise, went into the drawing room and there was an owl sitting on the table looking back at me. Must get that chimney repaired! Anyway, I would love to be part of the mobile moleskin project!


  8. LOL! Anna, what a beautiful distraction! Did you take photos? What a story that would make. With watercolor illustrations.

    Bless you for joining us. Your name and address will be added to the list of people who want to be a part of it. I'll tuck address labels inside the pocket in back, with names and addresses for everyone who signs on. Thank you. You are precious.

  9. I did take a few photos, when the printer is repaired, hopefully this week, I will send you copies. Of course, right after the owl episode, we went out and did the Saturday morning grocery run and when we returned, we heard a noise...and guess what? There was another owl in there! I didn't get photos of this fellow though, as he was too quick and flew right out the door when I opened it. Magnificent wingspan.

  10. How did I not find my way back to this article?? I would soooo be up for this project!

    (Sometimes I star posts that I want to return to later. I use my phone to read RSS late at night and sometimes I just don't feel like "thumb typing" my comments. Then occasionally I forget to check the starred posts...which is what happened here. I hope I didnt have you thinking I wouldn't be up for this.)

  11. Thank you, fear Pen Thief. Had to take Simon to vet tonight. Am babysitting him right now, so I can't do a proper response. Tomorrow, okay? Thanks for getting back to this. :)