Thursday, September 15, 2011

Halloween Is Coming!

Dear Good People,

Halloween is coming
When we'll be
Dressed in funny clothes
And then we'll see
Pumpkins in the windows
Shining bright
Oh, we'll have a good time
On Halloween Night!


This bit of sweetness hangs from a closet door knob. Since I took the photograph, you know I'm reflected me in all its faux brassiness. We can't have that happening before Halloween, now can we? Sheesh, if I scared you now, you might be too frightened to go for the goodies. BTW, I found this cute bag at Aaron Bros. 

It's just the right size for a Halloween Mail Bag, if you're the celebrating  type. I bought it for a personal mail bag that would convert into a goodies bag. I decided to go trick or treating at my doctors' offices this year. I added my two favorite bookstores and pharmacist to the list. Then I decided to add the clerks at my favorite post office.  All this came to me the second I set eyes on this little felt pumpkin bag. Muses are everywhere. Right?

Imagine using it as a mail bag in October; fill it with goodies and go treating Halloween day; use it Halloween night if you have a wee trick or treater.. I'll use mine to put candy in when I open the door for trick or treaters. Maybe. Okay, I won't. II forgot: I'm giving it away. I'll give it away in time for the winner to have it by the first week in October.

So, having prepared you, consider this an official announcement of Limner's Halloween Give-away. I've been slow poking my way towards this event for the last three weeks. I might be slow, but I always cross the finish line.

Oops! Sorry. You didn't think I'd leave it empty, did you? No way. A quick peek, and you will see a pumpkin, with stickers. You get to decorate it. Give it a face!

Use the extras to decorate Halloween Mail!

Show your Halloween spirit all over your envies. Pun intended.

I want the mouse with the owl. Please? Sorry. I meant to say, "I would be delighted to receive a note or letter from the winner, with the cute little white mouse and owl stuck on an envelope." (3 winks)

Another "Oh!" One can never have too many tools. These pretties come in a vinyl zipper case. There's a folding ruler, tape with a dispenser, a large clip, a stapler, a pair of scissors, and a pen.

Peeking is over! Is there more? Win to find out. Rules to follow. 

Sincerely sincere,



  1. Limner ~

    What a cute jack-o-lantern bag! When I saw it, it brought a smile to my face. I can't imagine anyone not finding it adorable.

  2. Aw, gee, Motherkitty. Your comments made me smile. :) I like using different mail bags for my mail runs. I had a difficult time choosing between the pumpkin and the cat, but since pumpkins aren't so scary, I thought the winner might have a little one who would enjoy it as a treat bag.

    Hope you are well. Did you get my mail? :D

  3. Ooh cute :D
    Sometimes I wish we had Halloween here
    We do get kids running around with lanterns singing songs for sweets on November 11th but not dressed up sadly, nor that the lazy kids ever come up in our apartment building ;)

  4. It hasn't arrived, yet, my friend. It will likely get here today or tomorrow. I'm thrilled to have something wonderful to look forward to. Thanks.

    I'm hanging in there. Thanks for asking. I hope you're well, and finding joy in all you do. Hugs!

  5. Oh my how cute and yes I want to be in on this freebie .

  6. Totally cute!! Wait until I share what I am doing for Halloween on my blog!! =)