Friday, September 23, 2011

Feature Mail

Mail Out: A Postcard to My Daughter

Mail In: The Other Half of Your Mail Tube

I am going to make one to keep. Making it, I was transported back in  back in grade school art class. I promise you I think I smelled the construction paper, tasted the paste, and my fingers swelled the way they did back when I gripped the scissors too tight. 

Then there's this:

Thanks, Misty! You know I love it. I'm an enthusiastic bird watcher. As in, I love to watch and draw birds. I am honored. 

And, if this isn't interesting, then I don't know what is. Mail from a fellow Texan, y'all.

 Thanks, Kimi, for a red letter day!

Write on!

Oops! Almost forgot: Here's a glimpse of the last tube. It's going out on Moanday with detailed instructions, but the gist of it is simple. You get to decorate ONE INCH of the tube. ONE INCH. No more, no less. Do your thing, then pass it on. What will YOU do IF The Tube lands in your mailbox? Will you create the ultimate piece of mail art? Can you write an entire letter in one inch of space? Show us whatcha got!

Let's shoot for the moon on this challenge. Keep an eye on a mailbox near you.

P.S. There's always a reason for everything. All will be revealed . . .


  1. NOW...
    my heart is in a flutter,
    my creative juices are in a stir.
    will it come? will it really be?
    in the mailbox for me?? :>

  2. Speaking of shooting for the moon...I just sent out my "quotecard postcards" for a swap where I used a quote thats been popping up in my mind a lot lately. Something my dad told me when I was getting ready to graduate high school.

    "It's better to shoot for the stars and miss, than to shoot for a skunk and hit it."

    I thought you'd get a kick out of that for some reason. Lately I've lost my motivation and this reminds me that if I don't at least try, that's what I'll get.

  3. Oh wow that is awesome LImner . Moanday is wonderful .

  4. Is that blackboard chalk on an envelope?! Wow, that's cool! A++ for creativity. (and an 'A' for the PO not erasing it...)

  5. HDM, you like to rhyme, too! Yes, I definitely doodles DO like you! LOL.

    Miss Ashley Rose, I like your daddy as much as I like you. LOL. You listen to someone who's wise and has a humorous bent that's reminiscent of Mark Twain's. :) I cannot imagine you losing your motivation. It's just resting, lovely. It's taking a nap. But, ya gotta keep trying for the day it wakes itself. Trying is the spark that ignites motivation. For real.

    Want to tell me about it?

    phonelady, I stuffed that tube last night. It has heft that's gonna cost me at the post office. :) And I still wasn't able to get everything inside. Now I must get a mail tube for my goodie tube. LOL. Then the recipient gets to do a tubaligation.

    The Halloween Pumpkin is beginning to list a tiny bit. It's filling out quite nicely.

    StoneZebra, is the post office known to erase . . . Hmm. I get it. :) There are moments when I am so slow. But, no, it's actually black paint. Reminds me of tempera. There goes that grade school thing again.

  6. Oops! Ashley, please tell me more about your quote card postcard. I love quotable quotes. I have a collection that's worth sharing. :) Thank you, ma'am.