Friday, September 30, 2011

Don't Worry, I've Got Mail!

Words to live by.

When I feel things are beyond my control I often get the blues. Well, first I am anxious. I fret. I get frantic. Then I start a slow downward spiral. You see, I used to earn my living by being in control of my surroundings. I made things happen. I made sure my domain ran smoothly. I made sure we had everything that was required for smooth-running. Recall the lyrics to the Cee Lo Green song? . . . "if you really think you're in control . . ." But, maybe I'm crazy. 

So. Try to imagine what it's like not being in control of my own outgoing mail. There's pulled hair surrounding my work spaces. I've chewed off my nails. I've lived through self-imposed exile. And I am still behind.

Guess what. I know why. I know why no matter how hard I try, I will not be on top of things; my mail stacks won't shrink; I'll keep wondering how I run through so much ink . . . Unless I stop this madness. 

I backtracked to the beginning of my woes. Yes, that is precisely-exactly-rightly what needed doing. I needed to find the spot where I derailed; then I could repair the rails and move on. Guess what else. I am on it. 


Isn't this pleasing to the eye? The colors belong to sumer-past and autumn-present. That little tattooed looking corner? "Hmm. Let me see," said the blind man.

Oh! What can it be?
More uncanceled stamps . . .

Lovely black ink-stamped embellishments.

Tit for tat?


Oh, you can believe it is!


My avatar. And a simple thing to do.
What is it? It's a tee from Misty!

Misty with the blue eyes. I didn't know they were until today. I enlarged her photograph 'cause I needed a closer look.  :)

Thank you, dear friend. It actually fits! LOL! Can a person tell someone's size from their letters? Whoa. And guess what. This afternoon I shot a bee. For real. Nephew, JC and I were admiring JC's handiwork in the neglected flowerbed out front, and there were two bees being about. JC did some much-needed weeding for me earlier, hours before we went out for dinner, and . . . Well, take a look.

You can barely see it, but it's there. When I saw it I started humming, "Don't worry; be happy." I should have worn my shirt again but it needs washing. And as if that's not enough, there's this:

Do you recognize him? He's popular, so I'd bet you do. 

Wow. Made in Egypt. Well . . .

Made in Katy, for Misty. 

Wait until you see what's up for tomorrow. I'm going way back and as recent as yesterday. Don't worry; I will be caught up with my backlog before Christmas, or else . . . Or else I will be playing Santa to some sweet people. If I owe you a letter from summer, you'll get . . . something wonderful for your Christmas stocking. :D For real. 

Gotta go. There's mail to be writ. Did you have a great mail day as well? Are you up for a postcard? I am in a postcard mood. 


  1. Oh my dear limner I got your lovely postcard yesterday and guess what I know Im old cause I knew half the people (movie stars ) on it . I guess being my age is a good thing . Reminds me of when I was watching old episodes of the ed sullivan show and I was naming the acts before the names appeared on the tv and my oldest turns around and says "how old are you mom "? LOL !!!
    I loved the post card I really do and I put it in my remembrance book that poor thing is so full. LOL !!! Take care my dear LImner .

  2. Well said Limner!
    Don't worry...that is what I keep telling myself. I am terribly behind, using every spare moment either writing or creating the vehicle in which the letter will travel to its destination, but I am still behind. I have been very distressed, but my husband comforted me by pointing out that I wouldn't be behind if I had an empty mailbox once in awhile. Well...who wants an empty mailbox! I sure don't! So I am trying to be less distressed about the state of my backlog. I am working on doing justice to all the wonderful mail I get, by reading and relishing each letter and writing and creating for that person. I am trying not to look at the pile of letters in my to be written pile as to "do list", but more of a lovely journey to visit with friends... I know in my heart that they will wait for me to arrive and that they are probably enjoying the extra time between letters to catch up on their backlog of letters to be written! :)

  3. Oh yes quite the girl that Misty and the fabulous mail art and things she sends . She always seems to get it right . Kuddos to the marvelous Misty . Also look at that lovely mail . Oh my dear Limner please expect something in the mail from me and also loved the postcard and I know that I am getting old cause I knew every star on that postcard . Oh well that is all I will say on that matter take care my dear charlie brown and as always the Lucy is here .

  4. LOL phonelady, I got several correct, and I am crazy for old movies. Never a fan of Casablanca though. Don't think I have ever watched it from front to back.

    There are old Ed Sullivan re-runs? Had no idea.

    Dear elle, thank you for this. I am going to print it, put it in the front of my journal and read it . . . No. I will pin it to my cork board and read it every time I start to feel overwhelmed. Instead of feeling like my mail is out of control, I will be reminded that I am the one in control. I enjoy hearing from the lovely people who write, I get uptight when I can't do their mail justice. Lesson being learned.

    Was frustrated at the hiccup here. Instead of trying to recall what I wrote the first time, I'm just writing. The world didn't end. Mistakes happen . . .

    Thank you.

    Lucy, you're too much. :)
    Be well. Then we can go dancing.