Sunday, September 4, 2011

Color Me Curious

Is it just me, or are you getting mail with uncanceled stamps, too?

Hold on. Confession: I googled "uncanceled" to make sure it's a real word. This caught my eye: May such wonders never cease. LOL!

Talk about being long-winded. Now, the question is not what would Jesus do, but what would you do, if you started getting as many uncanceled stamps as I have lately? I get the most from Misty. I've also gotten more than a few dollars worth on packages that cost more than Express Mail charges. Am beginning to wonder if it's deliberate.

By the way Misty, I like the stamps. You have put the glassine envelopes to great use. I like, I like, I like.


  1. Hi, Limner ~

    I, too, have been receiving uncanceled stamps. Sometimes, I use them to send mail --- if I'm running low on postage --- and others I use for some of my artwork. It does seem odd that so many are turning up uncanceled.

    I have also received some letters with "postage due." Usually, these are square notecards, and people forget they need extra postage for those.

    I'm dismayed that they are considering cutting mail delivery to five days a week. :-( It's bad enough when holidays roll around and they don't deliver on them or Mondays near them. You know how much I enjoy receiving lovely letters. Makes my day. :-)

  2. It must be something here in Ohio. I get the most uncancelled stamps from Ashley (who also lives here). for whether I would reuse them. Nope. I like leaving them on the envelopes. It helps keep my correspondence pristine...or as pristine as it can be after its travels. I purchased unused stamps from the flea market only to find that some have been used and steamed off. I put those ones in a special place so I do not accidentally use them.

    I am glad you like the envelope. Thank you for the was an interesting read. =)

  3. My mum is always cutting out un-used stamps! Limner- may I send you some post?

    E x

  4. Oh my Limner I am sad because Charlie Brown limner has not sent lucy any mail and I am sad . Please send me some mail dear Limner I mean if you want too . I have so much to tell you .

  5. Hi Limner,

    I don't reuse unmarked stamps, but mostly because I want to support the post office as much as possible.
    I have bought unused vintage stamps before, and at one point I felt a little weird about that since the money doesn't go to the USPS. But I figure that vintage stamps bring me a lot of joy and I buy a lot of postage from the USPS anyway, so I will continue to do that once in a while.
    It's the first time I've commented, but I love your blog!

  6. I must admit I re-use the Dutch uncanceled stamps sometimes when I'm low on stamps. The forgein ones I just keep like the rest of the stamps in my stamp albums :)

  7. Emma, I would love to hear from you.

    What about you? Do you use uncanceled postage? :)

  8. I have also been getting a few pieces of mail lately where the stamps do not appear to have been canceled. I also have read that the Postal Service is sometimes using "invisible" cancelation marks that can be seen only under a purple light. Anyone else out there heard about this?? In any case, Limner, I prefer remaining a law abiding citizen, especially after reading the info at the site you referenced. Thanks for the info!

  9. Sorry to go OT - but are you safe and well, dear Limner? I see you too have LOTS of wildfires about and some of them are *much* too close to you.

  10. Happy Day Mail, sounds like entrapment to me. LOL. Invisible, indeed. Is it less expensive than visible? :) You never know.

    I won't lay out my confession until after more people weigh in. :) If the PO is using invisible to cancel stamps, will it make a difference to you if you reuse uncanceled postage?

    StoneZebra, thans for asking. I let the windows down when I went to pick up Nephew. The smoke burned my eyes, nostrils, and throat. It was subtle. Thought I was being paranoid until I saw the haloed lights in the parking lot. Other parents pulled up but didn't let their windows down. Guess I should have watched the news.

    Today the sky is gray and murky. I haven't gone out. Our home is equipped with a special filtering system, so we cannot smell the smoke. I woke to puffy, gummed eyes, a headache, and am wheezing. I still have ear aches from last night, so I don't feel like taking Nephew to work in a few. The streets are eerily quiet. Hmm.

    Gonna go find the news! :D

    Not sure why, but the satellite is going bonkers. Guess I can blame the smoke. :)

  11. I, too, have heard about some invisible-yet-detectable-by-the-post-office version of cancellation. And yes, I get a ton of "uncanceled" stamps, or, as I refer to them, stamps with no postmark. In my mail log received column, I make a note of the postmark date, and "No PM" is a common abbreviation I have to use.

    Sometimes there are cancellation marks on the wrong end of the envelope, or something like that, but often the envelope comes to me looking completely unhandled.

    It's a mystery, but not an uncommon one, and like Winnie's Girl, I prefer to support our ailing post office and use fresh postage for each mail item.

  12. Thanks for weighing in. I've never used uncanceled stamps. I fret about waste, although it's not really waste. More like my mind trying to justify using it. I haven't weakened.

    It's like having a cashier give you too much change when you're flat broke, but you give it back because your conscience would eat you up if you didn't. Has that ever happened to you?

    It's happened to me over a handful of times. Several times the cashiers were upset with me for calling the mistake to their attention--as if they'd rather save face, instead of being concerned about their drawer being short.