Monday, September 26, 2011

Cold Feet Warmed Now

Enjoy the journey?

Yes, there be hitch hikers . . .

curious hangers-on . . .


Goodness gracious, no! 
Just a one word conversation bit
 to shake things up.

One down, two to go.


Greeting, and good wishes. Mail went out. Mail came in. Mail stayed. It took three trips before I found mailing tubes that measure over 12 inches long. You'd never guess where I found them, so I'll tell you now to save you the bother. I found them at the post office I try to avoid. It's the post office that's closest to our home. It's the one with the most unfriendly clerks. The place was practically deserted. I wonder why. 

So, I'll mail the goodie-goodie tube tomorrow; God willing and the creek don't rise. Confession: I almost got cold feet. Seriously. I thought about waiting until all three were ready. Then I found . . . Wait. I'll show you later.


The first "Hey, Halloween" postcard! 

I like your stamps. Cute card. Nice feel. Reminds me of construction paper. Another blast from grade school art class. Thank you, Linda. I should show the back, but I won't. I like your "Eeeek! Naked Mail" stamp. Too cute. Where did you find it?

FYI: The distance between Houston, Texas and Virginia is 1,246 (one thousand, two hundred and forty-six) miles. It takes about 19 hours 04 minutes. (And it cost a mere 29¢ to get here!) I couldn't get closer.


  1. Dear Limner you have such lovely tubes LOL !!!

  2. phonelady, my tubes will "fall-ope 'n" make someone happy.

    Okay, I hear y'all groaning. ;)

    Tube No. 2 goes out tomorrow. It's the 1 Inch-er. Hope it finds its way to you, dear friend.

  3. oh my, looks like tube-lation to me!!

  4. Happy Day Mail, I got it! tub elation. :) I was thinking more on the lines of tubal ligation. :D Guess I'll never forget ob/gyn terminology.