Tuesday, August 9, 2011


whelm |(h)welm|
verb [ trans. ] archaic or poetic/literary
engulf, submerge, or bury (someone or something) : a swimmer whelmed in a raging storm.
• [ intrans. ] flow or heap up abundantly : the brook whelmed up from its source.
noun archaic or poetic/literary
an act or instance of flowing or heaping up abundantly; a surge : the whelm of the tide.
ORIGIN Middle English : representing an Old English form parallel to hwelfan [overturn (a vessel).]

I have been whelmed. I have been over whelmed. I have been so overwhelmed by your steadfastness, goodness, and kindness. My inability to live up to your abundance has left me feeling less than limneresque. At times, I have felt underwhelmed by my best efforts to mirror your examples of steadfast friendship. It matters, yet, I hope you will remember this one thing more than my shortcomings: I have not given in or up. I have been penning responses even when I didn’t feel I had much to write about.
Very little that's interesting or deserving of ink on paper has happened to me since my last post. I haven’t been anywhere worth repeating, seen anything you'd want to view through my eyes, or experienced anything anecdotal. Until today I haven't used My Third Eye very much at all. Most of my time has been spent with the mundane banalities of getting through one day at a time. 

I promised no more whining, and I don’t want to sound like a politician lying about “no more taxes,” so I’ve been mum. Numb. Suppressed. Less and less depressed, but more suppressed . . . Busy getting better. I’ve been doing an awful lot of sitting. I’ve pressed ice packs and hot water bottles against my tortured flesh, moaning, and groaning with an eye on my MacBook. Oops! There I go. Delete that. Or pretend you didn't read it.

I have been sighing. Lying. Composing stories in bed; unable to write them down, I file them in my head. Ooh, and a bad case of  Son of Frankenstein bed head! Now I get why they wore night caps back in the day.

And I remembered this: It doesn’t matter how much you wish it away, or banish it, never to return on any given day . . . The blues hang around, even after Master Depression leaves town. Shades of “You can’t hurry love! No, you just have to wait . . . Love don’t come easy. It’s a game of give and take.” It's the same with getting over a million shades of blue. 

I’m not sure when I knew the storm had passed, but several days ago I picked up a pen, and I wrote. I wrote until my shoulder was sore. I wrote postcards, note cards, and letters. Writing and reading are signs that the darkest blue is lighter. So, I wrote some more. Then, lo! and behold! I made a Moan-day Mail Run, after missing two in a row. Yo! Ho! Ho! Twenty, or twenty-and-one pieces of mail went out. Or maybe only 19, 'cause I found the special tube in the bottom of my bag after nephew and I were twelve miles away from the post office. Sorry, Henderica. 

I got to check my mailbox, and guess what. Oh my goodness gracious me, but it held a whole lotta mail! :) I was so excited, I went into the post office to get a change of address form for nephew, totally forgetting he could do it online, but most embarrassing, I forgot to mail my mail. LOL. We were walking through the lobby on our way out when God hit the light switch and I remembered. Face burning, I had to go back to the same clerk who gave us the change of address package. She’s so sweet. 

Enough preamble. Mail is heading your way. I promised myself not to crow about the amazing, wonderful, stupendous, exclamation-worthy, stellar, outstanding, love-filled mail that has come my way since my last post, until I could hold my own. So, here it is.

I am a happy being. I am content. I am filled with lovely sentiment. And, so, it's off to bed I go.


  1. Haha that's ok :) I got two postcards from you so I can wait for the tube ;) do wonder what you put in there... :D
    Oh I wondered around with a postcard in my bag for 3 days before I managed to actually post it and I have a lot of mailboxes around ! ;)

  2. My dear Friend ~
    I'm happy the darkest has passed, and there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.
    I just sent you off another letter yesterday. Or was it the day before? No, it was yesterday. I imagine you will be hearing from many more people before long.
    I wish you comfort. I wish you serene heart and mind.
    Gentle hugs!

  3. Oh wow Limner my dear I have been so worried about you . I'm here to report that I am not any better and have already seen two drs for this crap and Im thinking they dont know what I have contracted .All I know is Im tired of sweating and coughing and I want it to away !!! Im not going back to the dr anymore . It is a waist of time and this will either run its course or kill me LOL !!! On my 2nd round of antibiotics and Im done with this crap . There I go whinning now . Well I will see you in the mailbox.

  4. Limner- Lovely Lady, I am glad to see you back!! More importantly that you are doing better and the darkness has lifted. You have been in my thoughts often. And I promise there is a postcard with your name on it..I mailed it..without an address...and thus it came back (thank heavens for return addresses). I shall mail it out tomorrow.

  5. Henderica, hey! LOL. There's one more part headed your way when I do a Hump Day mail drop on Wednesday. I have less time to do the things I love since nephew is here. I am trying to multi-task while juggling, and am failing miserably. :) Am learning how to let some things go. Hope you like what's in the tube.

    Motherkitty, love and hugs to you. I hope you have forgiven me. I feel as if I am starting my life over yet again. I simply cannot straighten out this mess I seem to be entangled in. Thanks so-so-so much for helping me stay afloat. My tokens are just that--tokens, since I can never repay such steadfast friendships, patience, and lovely mail. You are a blessing.

    My dear Lucy, it saddens me to hear you are not up and at 'em. Mercy me! Well, maybe you need to take a dose of the 3 Rs: rest, rest, rest. Be well, my friend. Let us hope it's not avian flu. ;) Your lovely mail has been wonderful company. Thank you more times than I can count. Love and hugs!

    Precious little Pen Thief! How are you? How's Carter the Great? I have more mail going out to you on Wednesday. You are more precious than silver or gold! Thanks are coming your way in spurts. I love your box of treasures. I hope to share them this evening after I drop nephew off at work. But then I have to make dinner, so maybe tonight. I am doing my best to get caught up. I have to get my house in order quick-quick. Seems I have radiation therapy in my very near future. We know that's no fun. :)

    I wish I could buy you all a Mercedes Benz but I doubt if y' all are into car models. ;) I hear the glue is addictive. :D I wish I could do something special for every one of you who have been so kind and generous.

    I am almost caught up. Wolfey, Susan, Lynda, Linda, and everyone else I am in letter-debt to, please, do not give up. There is going to be a give-away very soon. Hmm. Maybe two. Or three. We will see. It has to be something worth having. "Hmm. Let me see," said the blind man. And so we shall.

    Love and hugs to everyone! Just write on!

  6. Henderica, glad you understand. I mailed a letter on Tuesday and it came back on Wednesday. When I took it back to the postoffice today, the postal clerk told me it was flipped somehow and the return address (on the envelope flap) was mistaken as the recipient's address. Despite the stamp being on the front. Go figure. :)