Monday, August 15, 2011

Sik'ar Dreams n Make-believe

cigar: from French cigare, or from Spanish cigarro, probably from Mayan sik'ar smoking.’ Don't you just love words? And their origins?  How about pretend and make-believe? So many words and such imagination ride on and record memories, or stow away in a simple box. 

I don't know the last time I used one of these. I've tried finding them; the clerk at our Park Row office said they don't sell them any more because all mail goes by air. Makes me wonder what that big truck was carrying the night we were on our way back from Dallas. Sign on the side said US Mail. Huh! Not sure if I can bring myself to use these. Am thinking Limner's Time Capsule. And souvenirs for any future grand that might come into this family. We shall see.

Oh, and each envelope has a letter!



Or a note!

Look how things sort of folded into place. Is it me or do you see the fingers making that "perfection" connection? That sign? It's the front of a card! If that don't beat all, then what does?

That's not all. The box is full. Map treasure, words next to words atop words . . . Rivers and lakes and trails . . . Names, and places, and ideas . . . Skills and caring, pairing and paired. 

Two posts on the same day. What can I say?

Oh. I can say, "There's even more!" Well said, huh? 


  1. Ooh is that a rubberstamp? *drools*
    I love the ones you used on that card you send :D
    Have some writing related ones I should really use more around also ;)

    Strangely enough They hardly sell airmail envies around here also, the ones I still have are even German...

    There is more? ooh can't wait for the rest :D

  2. Oh goody more and more . This lucy wants to know . I really do . I used to fancy myself a sherlock holmes but alas I must settle for Lucy . Lucy is so much more fun than sherlock . But the Sherlock in me wants to know more of what is in that wonderful box .Thanks for sharing .

  3. I know! I am so selfish, huh? It's hard to believe Misty did all this for me. Now I totally understand what Missive Maven meant when she wrote about feeling undeserving.

    I'd love to see writing related stamps. I have too many stamps but always fold when they're on sale.

  4. Ok, Mrs. Holmes? Lucy. phonelady61. Well, each personality suits you my dear friend. :) You are my balance.