Monday, August 29, 2011

Oops! Dang! & Oh, heck!

See the white area on the lower right? No, your other right. ;) Well, I was all excited to see the lone postcard, yet even more excited because the book I'm currently reading, Ireland, by Frank Delaney waxes poetic in the first chapters about stones. Reading it was like listening to "Danny Boy." Speaking of which, I have never cried because of that song, not even when I was drunk, yet Erin can play it on the piano and cry; she can hear it in the car and she weeps; she can hear the music piped into an elevator and the water works are activated. No me. 

But reading Delaney go on about stone, well, you get the idea. So, the stones that came today. I tell you, the Universe is telling me something that might very well be carved in stone, and I have been shilly-shallying around like all I do is shilly-shally. In truth, I AM LISTENING. I HEAR YOU. And I promise to get right on it.

Hmm. What . . . Dang! Reminds me of Mr. Benedict in "The Mysterious Benedict Society." See, Mr. B has narcolepsy. Well, that's a whole other anecdote, but it's the memory thing. It reminds me of Mr. B''s narcolepsy: It acts up at will. I have discovered that if I just keep on talking, the original topic finds its way back home. Like now.

So, somehow the bottom facing right part of the postcard is missing. It's been torn away. That means I don't know what the kind Ms Brooker said at the end, on the lower left side of the backside of the postcard. And here's a bit of FYI that's related to stones: When I was pre-school age I loved finding pretty little stones. Was always walking with my head down. My grandmother, Eula's yard and driveway had stones I'd never seen at my other grandmother's, so I put the special, pretty stones in the pockets of my little starched shorts.

Well, every night, right after Mama stripped me for a bath, she went through my pockets. She always promised to save my stones for me. I called them rocks. Who am I fooling? Only British kids called rocks stones. Oh! And Nancy Drew. I know this 'cause I read books where they called rocks stones. And boulders. In Texas, boulders were just "great big ole rocks." So, Mama took my rocks every night, promised to put them someplace save, yet, the next morning they'd gone  missing. 

I eventually caught on. I didn't have a pocket book like Mama or Grandmother, but I had a stomach. A stomach was better than a pocketbook anyway. Oh, heck! That just reminded me of Sylvia Plath putting rocks/stones into her pockets. Well, I guess this ends on a wet note. But, I hope Ms Brooker from the place with the little ponies I read about as a kid, will tell me what she wrote on the last half of her pretty card of stones.

I would so enjoy a letter from you, Ms Brooker, if only to see your beautiful handwriting flow across at least one page. I would like to learn more about you and where you live, too. Seriously. And thank you one hundred -and-three times for writing, and saying such a nice thing about "Oh, Write Me." 

If you write to me again, the promise still holds. I will write back, no matter how long it takes. One more thanks for the stones! :D THANKS!

Sincerely sincere,

P.S. Mail went out, dear friends. :) Not as much as I'd hoped, but the week isn't over until it's over. 


  1. Oh my poor Limner no stones !!! whiff whiff !!! I will send you some if you would like LOL !!! just kidding we all know you cannot put stones in the mail.Take care my Charlie Brown .

  2. Dear Limner,

    I'm glad most of my post card made it to you! The stones on the front look like the ones on the beach we go to in Wales called Llantwit Major. There isn't much sand there but all those glorious stones seem to stretch on into infinity. I think that is what it should say on the part of my card that is missing. We go there searching for fossils with our son. Bliss.

    I would be delighted to write you a letter, thank you for asking.

    See you in the mail,


  3. Anna, hey! Thanks for filling in the blanks. I am having difficulty imagining such a beach, but am also willing to bet that I would like it.

    Fossils? Wow! What kinds? I have plans to make a faux ichthyolite from the spine of a "catch of the day," purchased from WFM's fish; except I never remember to do it. I haven't figured out a way to dry the bones without smelling up the house. Drying them outside wouldn't work either. I'd settle for seeing any photos of fossils you and your might be willing to share. :D

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  4. The fossils are marine creatures from the Jurassic Period. I have some photos I took that I will try to send. Hubby keeps laughing and shaking his head as I revisit these photos every day. Here is a link that will show a little film of the town with some great views of the beach:

    Making a faux ichthyolite sounds very interesting. I've heard of drying things by burying them in kitty litter, perhaps that is an option? I would love to see such a dino-fish creation.

  5. Hi Mrs. Limner! I've been reading your blog for so long and I always look forward to hearing you rave about the cool stuff you get. Its so nice and refreshing to see the genuine and sincere gratitude. Thank you for sharing with us!

    Seeing that you enjoy rocks, I have a little something that will be heading your way in the near future. I do hope that my last card just saying hi made it your way safely. It had a little lobster critter on it. (One thing I gathered about you from reading your musings is that you like little critters!)

    I had to finally comment, I enjoy your postings too much not to say something. I also was just surprised to see you received something from Mrs. Brooker as she is my newest pen pal! (Hi Miss Anna, I hope my letter made it your way as it was my first piece of mail ever sent internationally!) I love how small of a world it is, especially how so many people in the mail art/pen pal/letter writing community seem to know each other.

    I'll stop rambling now, I just figured I was way overdue to say hello and thank you for keeping me entertained with your great posts!

  6. LOL phonelady. I didn't have much of a vocab back when I was into swallowing things for safe keeping. I didn't know they were called pebbles. My poor little mama. I ate dirt, too. And Argo starch. Women used to sit around watching soap operas, and eating from the box of starch used for starching clothes. Our babysitter loved the stuff, and even gave us some. I think that started me eating chalk. :D My first grade teacher broke me up from that bad habit. Told me I would get chalk werms. ;) The very idea made me squirm.

  7. This is my second attempt. Hope the other one doesn't mysteriously appear after I post. :)

    Such photos are right up my alley, Anna. I would enjoy seeing them. Point me in the right direction, and I will be all eyes.

    Thanks for the clip. The beach reminded me of scenes from the movie, Insomnia, with Pacino and Robin Williams. Lovely!

    A lot of hubs laugh at the things we do, but does it stop us? ;)

    Have you ever seen Martha Stewart do the prints with fish? I want to, but cannot imagine wasting food for something like that. The head, "frames" and tails are different, but the seafood lady at Whole Foods Mkt chastised me for not using the head and bones in the fish dishes I make. I know that fish cheeks have lots of meat, and the rest add flavor, but I cannot bring myself to use fish head in fish stew. It's the eyes, gills, brains, etc. LOL. Sorry. I am so off-topic, aren't I?

    I will pick up a small fish from the Phoenician market this weekend. I'll fillet it, and try the kitty litter method of drying it out. Nephew will enjoy helping with this. :) Thanks for the tip. Will keep you updated on our progress.

  8. LOL! Ms Ashley Rose! What a lovely name. Sounds like it belongs to a Southerner. For real.

    I apologize for not responding sooner, but I fell so far behind, I thought I'd never catch up. I have 7 or 9 more responses ahead of you, but I promise to be done by Moan-day. I thank God for holidays that make for long weekends. It means I have more time to myself, and can spend more time writing.

    You are the sweetest thing. I enjoy your and Misty's "chats" to the nth degree. Y'all are so funny and cute--you sound like sisters.

    I could just hug you for saying such nice things about Oh, Write Me. I feel connected to anyone who can figure out what I write here. :) "It takes one to know one. Know what I mean? (As in kindred spirits!)

    Thanks for being so patient. I promise to write. And in case I can't, I've written to Brad Pitt, asking him if he'll visit anyone I miss. He hasn't responded so far, but you never know. :D Bet you'd rather see Brad, huh? LOL!

    Again, thanks for your lovely comments, and for writing. Keep an out for something from this limner, in a mailbox near you, very soon. Hug yourself for me until then.

  9. Limner- How did I not guess that you liked rocks?? Gee whiz, perhaps my "psychic abilities" aren't as tuned as I thought they were. At any time I see a nice smallish fossil (I find them a lot while hiking) I will have to let it come home to you.

    Ashley and I are so much more than sisters...we are mail soul mates! =P

    Try to relax and enjoy the holiday!

  10. LOL! Misty, sometimes the elements interfere with psychic energy streams. ;) There isn't much I don't like about Mom Nature. That includes fire ants. JC and I have this on-going debate about there being a need for them. I defend them until they swarm and bite me. Then I am all for organic means of disposing of them. But they have a definite purpose. They keep the planet tidy of all things dead. I watched them make a grackle disappear in hours.

    In the book Ireland, Delaney makes the heart flutter when one reads how he says of stone: "As with ourselves," he said, "we don't know where it came from. It must have belonged to the beginning of the world." Stone holds histories, and mysteries, stories, and hold the forms only sculptors can see. Remember the great sculptor who said his chisel releases the art that's held in stone? There is power in it as well. David slew Goliath. I like that story because it always has new meaning for me. Like now: When technology fails, stone will be waiting. We've used it for just about everything, haven't we? Weapons, tools, cooking, healing, creating art. Pebbles are so cute. Even the Flintstones thought so. They named their "only" Pebbles, and Bam-Bam went stone nuts over her. ;) Back in the day the hippies used to say "Let's go get stoned." Then there was Sly and the Family Stone. And Stone Cold What's His Name? Ever sang "Rock of Ages?" :D

    Okay. I quit, but I gotta tell you this first: When I was just becoming a "rock" swallower, I was always intrigued by medium sized pea pebbles. They were oxblood red with dark brown, and almost black pieces. The edges were rough, and porous. I didn't like them but was always drawn to examine them. It was years later before I learned about volcanic rocks in Science class.

    I remember tiny sea shells mixed in with the rough specimens. Jasper is so far from Galveston Bay to explain their presence, but I never forgot. Try to imagine me on a field trip on Pike's Peak with my daughter's class. We found gem stones. We also found sea shells, and . . . Oops! Sorry. You were saying? Gotta scroll.

    Misty! I have tried imagining what I would do if you happened to point a "smallish fossil" my way. Seriously, I have given it deep thought, but cannot imagine such a thing happening. I promise to write and tell you what happens though. :) Honest. I do know that I be one happy woman.

    One day I hope to build my own Cabinet of Curiosities, like Agent Pendergast. :D I have some great little things. I have collections of seed that will surprise me some day, if I ever get around to planting them. Or maybe my great-great-grands might. The beautiful bird feathers from phonelady61 will have a place of honor, because they are curious things to me. I study feathers, so I have a neat little collection. Have you ever noticed the anatomy of a feather? :) Sorry! I should be writing these things in a letter!

    What a lovely thing the two of you share! You and Ashley. I like the very idea of "mail soul mates."

    I am going to take your advice, and enjoy the holiday. I've been writing letters in the parking lot while waiting for nephew to get off work. I am so close to being caught up. :D

    You have a wonderful time, Little Ma'am. Enjoy your holiday. TTY soon.

  11. I hope you didn't think I forgot about you, I went home for a few days and next thing you know its the weekend again already. I felt so bad, literally the day after I wrote you in the mail, you posted letting everyone know about all of the stuff you had going on and how you'd be MIA for a bit. What awful timing I had! I really hoped you would just put mine on the bottom of the pile and get to it when you had the time. Easier said than done sometimes(I'm the kind of person that is plagued by guilt until I can get a response back to someone.) As long as you are taking care of you, THAT is the most important thing!

    Quick, write back to Mr. Pitt...could you send Dr. House instead? Mmmm. Such a handsome man! Hugh Laurie and Sean Connery....I think its something about those distinguished older gentlemen. Hehe I actually have my very own handsome gentleman to keep me company when I'm waiting for great mail. Misty just got proof of this in the form of our 2010 Christmas August! Gave me a great chuckle just sending it. I had to show her that he existed so she didn't think she was sending cool stuff to someone I made up, just to get double the awesome stuff from her :]

    Now for the real important part, I just pee'd my pants from excitement over LIMNER MAIL!!!!!!!!!! When I get to the point that I'm peeing my pants because I can't help it, I'll have a pretty good excuse with all of this great mail! I haven't opened it yet because I like to sit down without any distractions and squeal over my treasures but as soon as dinner is done and I can sit down with some tea, it will be your time! (I'm sure I'm sounding about 20 years older than I am hehe)

    I'll stop ranting now... it is far too easy to get carried away! I'll have plenty to say once I can calm down from the excitement. I'll save something for a letter!

    Take care doll!