Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh, the Joy that Comes in a Cigar Box!

Sneak peeks only! Oh, the joy that comes in a cigar box, transports me back to girlhood, and the magic an empty cigar box holds. Remember those paper rings? No matter how careful I was, mine always tore before the end of the day.

But, while it lasted, I pretended it was an engagement ring, a ruby ring, or a wedding band. Uncles and other male kin saved those paper circles just for little girls. When they came visiting on Sundays, they'd call us over before they made it to the front porch. Uncle P always made a big deal of saying, "Hmm, now where did I put that thing" as he made an even bigger show of riffling through his pockets, searching for what we knew was in his shirt pocket. Then he'd go, "Oh! Now I remember" and slip two beefy fingers into the pocket of his fresh starched Sunday church shirt. With much fanfare, he'd "ta-da" and bring out one or two cigar bands he'd saved.

You'd have thought he'd given us a pony or a prince, the way we carried on. Aunt Fay would shake her head at uncle, grinning at his antics and ours, as we danced around him, claiming "this one" or "that one" although they were identical.

This magic arrived from Ohio, trailing magic and make believe in its wake. My hands shook when I reached inside the special receptacle called mailbox. I cannot imagine anyone confusing a cigar box with any other box in the world. It has its own dimensions, heft, and aura. I knew it for what it was the moment I saw it. I knew it had to have come from one of two people.

The second I gently peeled away the wrapping paper, and saw the top, I knew! Only an artist . . . But there I go, typing, when it's meant to be images only. SIGH. It ain't easy being this limner.

This is knee-slapping funny. The one for Texas is similar. Okay, I promised peeks only--no sub-titles yet. Mum's the werd. 

There's so much more to come! 
I know I said I'd post after dropping off nephew, and between doing dinner, but I couldn't wait. I took so many photographs, yet need to take more--so stay tuned.


  1. It's wonderful. Can't wait to see the rest. Love the Ohio pc. (My home state.)

  2. I know who sent this to you because she told me that she had done it . So I will mum the word as well . You see you know who and I mention you frequently in our letters because we really do love you so much LOL !!! It is so hard to be quiet at times is it not ? LOL !!!!

  3. Is that you elle? :) Sorry for the sub-par photos but I lapse on occasion and settle for "good enough." Know what I mean? I'm so slow lately.

    Little Pen Thief! It arrived in near perfect condition, considering how banged up and opened some of my mail has been. I opened your beautiful gift with an Xacto blade, and did not cut myself once. :) Surprising, seeing as how my hands shook so hard.

    Thank you. It's still on my desk, in the room where I write. I think I have told anyone who will listen, all about it, its contents, and of course The Pen Thief. :) Yes, I've repeated myself. I repeat myself again when I ray THANK YOU.

    LOL, my little Lucy! You're quite the secret keeper. Good hugs to you. :D

    I appreciate every word that comes my way. I get to read letters from some of the best letter-writers on the planet. I enjoy writing back, so, when I can't it causes me so much distress that I worry too much. It's habit. I was brought up to do nothing less than my best, and was taught to keep my word. Haha, no pun intended. :)

    I have more scanning and photographing, and uploading to do. I am behind with all that. I won't stop until I'm done. Mail went out on Tuesday and Wednesday. Nephew and I took today off to look at a college campus in case he makes it in under the wire as a transfer student. We hung out at B&N after. Tomorrow we get haircuts, I take my Lil' Mac in for more RAM, the Honda goes in for service, there's a dental appointment, and so much more that I forget. :)

    I promise to write on come Saturday. Nephew is off today. :)

    Love and hugs, y'all!