Sunday, August 28, 2011

All In A Day's Mail

I laughed to see these stamps orbiting around the edges of the envelope. Stamps in motion! Only Misty could come up with such a creation. Thank you!

These are just too cute. Thank you, Eoji. Hope I didn't misspell your name, but am almost certain that I did. Sorry. You wrote: "Today (2011.8.6) is Chinese Valentine's Day." Wishing you a belated Happy Valentine's Day! I've saved the stamps to show another day.

I am fond of sumi-e. I practiced it for years, yet never became proficient. Wish I'd had a teacher. I'm pretty good at bamboo poles, and leaves. I learned the word for house, but that's pretty much it. Do you know how long it takes before you are allowed to call yourself a master? Longer than I had time to devote to learning it on my own. 

I do not recall mentioning my fondness, so how did YKW know I would love these postcards?  There is something about the brevity of brush strokes creating such complex/simple beauty that makes me hold my breath as I feast with my eyes. Thank you, Misty.

Ahh, now this! This tricked part of my brain into believing the top was shroud in mist, although another part of my brain recognized and knew the real deal. I have a miniature from France on the desk in the room where I write--a reminder of adventures not yet taken, yet wait, living on promises. Misty, my daughter wants to live in Paris, and learn the art of Parisian pastry. She has visited twice. I think a third trip is in the planning for next spring. Thanks for such a poignant reminder of her steadfast love for Paris, and of my love for her. It's a beautiful card.

Ha-ha-he-he-hey! Dr. Seuss, I love, on any given day! He and Shel Silverstein are my two favorites for silly/happy rhyme. A gazillion thank-yous.

Sometimes everything flows. And matches. Thanks, dear Motherkitty. The drought leached the colors from ever-green Katy. Your pretty-pretty card brought back just enough to make my day; but all your cards brighten my way, a dark day, and give me cause to say: I am so-so glad to count you among my new-found friends. 

Everything is subject to interpretation. There's empathy, and there is sympathy. Henderica, your little bear speaks both without saying a word. For too-too long I have felt beaten up; surgery left me patched in places; Little Teddy seems to say, "Oops! Does it sound like I am whining, and complaining? If it does, I'm sorry." Poor old thing. The Velveteen Rabbit has nothing on her. LOL! The bright flower showers me with cheer. Thank you.

There's more to come. I have great mail to answer, lovely, powerful, sweet, gorgeous, breath-taking images to share from all of you. I'm scanning and shooting as fast as I can. I learned I'm so tired--sleeping day and night--because of low thyroid. So, my good doctor has increased the dosage again. I'm being revved up in increments. :) I'll be power writing again very soon. Your letters make me so happy. Your patience is proof that letter-writers are special people. Thank you.

This Limner


  1. I am glad you liked the postcards. I saw them and knew they were for you. =)

  2. You give me goosebumps! LOL! Are you reading my journals? :) You're the best. Thank you.

  3. Ah good it arrived safely :)
    Wondered if the stickers would stay on ;)

  4. gotta love the paris . Eww... I want in on that paris trip LOL !!! Nope cant go so just a pipe dream . I love that everyone is sending you things do I owe you a letter ? I cant remember but if you do please let me know . As always happy go lucky Lucy . I have missed the Charlie Brown ...

  5. I'm glad you like the card. I thought it very pretty and serene. Have a glorious day, my friend.

  6. Motherkitty, you are amazing. The thought and care that went in to choosing such a perfect card shows. It's just that: pretty and serene. And more. It's everything lacking in Katy during this drought--environmental and psychological. We are used to having flowers and trees bloom in winter around here. Used to be, I could find a rainbow in a tiny oil slick on a rainy, overcast, sunless day, or in a glass of water. Every time I opened my MacBook those fish made my inner color junkie leap for joy. See how your card matches my desktop? :) Thanks again.