Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We, the People

We, the people, are more alike than we are different. Yes, we are. Right?

This is from phonelady61. She sent it after we discovered a shared fondness for "the funnies." I sent her my homemade Beetle Bailey postcard about mail from home. I had no idea she likes comic strips or "the funnies" just like me. Try to imagine my delight, when out of the blue she sent me some great funnies--all about letter-writing. If that don't beat all I don't know what does.

Who knew I'd be depressed a few weeks later. I'd forgotten all about Charlie Brown and Linus until last night, when I was going through my mail box, searching for phonelady61's letters. I am so behind in replying. I tell you, when depression dims the lights, I tend to lose sight of a lot of important things, and no amount of groping helps. I have learned to be still and kind of ride the waves when I grow weary; but I have a balanced oar that gives me power-ups when I can find my way to rowing again. It's like being in a kayak. I'm all alone, up a creek, but I've got that paddle thing working for me down pat.  

So, here I was last night, sitting in the middle of my bed, just laughing to beat the band, asking "Depression who?" And thanking all the wonderful people who chanted encouragement from along the shore via a little thing called mail. I swaney, it still seems like a miracle on an ordinary day like today. Comic strips, notecards, letters, postcards . . . Good words and wishes, silent prayers like little fishes--swimming along side, easing the currents . . .  

You all are my Linus. And I am no longer ashamed of being a Charlie Brown. There's a Lucy among you, as well. I have to dub phonelady61 "my" Lucy though. I'll tell you why too. Well, as soon as I can find that other Peanuts strip that will explain it better than I ever can.

And so, I hope that Ye, the people (aka my peers and fellow letter-writers), had a wonderful  Independence Day. 

My nephew wrote to me this evening. They are having steak for dinner today, which is already his tomorrow. They didn't do anything special to celebrate the 4th, but "things were quiet today." To all the "my nephews" and "my nieces" around the globe: I salute you!

Love and hugs,

This Limner 


  1. Iam so glad that cheered you up and I automatically thought of you when I saw it . So Im your lucy huh ? I will gladly accept the title with honor LOL !!!

  2. I was unaware that you enjoyed the funnies!! Hm...I shall file that bit of information away for use at a later date. =)

  3. It's the little things ... that can make a big difference! I use to suffer from clinical depression ... I know how it feels. I had a friend who was living in Belize doing a Peace Corp gig ~ her letters really brightened what were otherwise some pretty dark days.

    I am totally enjoying the mail you send! Hang in there ~ until the cloud lifts!

  4. Lucy, I'm saving my nickels for future sessions. ;)

    Dear Pen Thief, I grew up on comic books, Grit newspaper with all the comics, I drew super heroes, I get all weak in the knees over Hell Boy, I loved Pinky and the Brain . . . I was lost when they created the Cartoon Network and no one told me. :D I'm very selective these days though. I like Heart in the City, Lilo was a fave until he dissed MJ, Calvin and Hobbes almost had me on Prozac--I had to stop reading it. Okay, no sense in trying for decorum and dignity. I still like comics. Not all. Just the good ones. My favorite animation DVD is UP. :) I bought 9 but haven't watched it. Whew! I am finally out of the grown-up closet. :)

    Susan, so did I. Sometimes I didn't think I'd outlive it, but I have two of the best professionals in my corner--Both are women. It's been a while since I got lost in the dark, so when it's just normal down-in- the-dumps or sadness I tend to panic--thinking I might be slipping. It's great knowing someone else understands what it's like.

    Thanks y'all! I mean thanks to everyone who stops by, writes, leaves comments . . .

  5. Oooh Pinky and the Brain ♥♥
    I also love comics and cartoons and am happy about the fact I figured out my TV receiver has got English track on some cartoon channels so I can enjoy my Powerpuff Girls and Dexter in English (and not the scary dubbed Dutch versions) haha

  6. You like Dexter, too??? Oh my. This is getting interestinger and interestinger. And how did you do those hearts? Have never watched the Powerpuff Girls. LOL!

  7. haha I like to Dexters ;)
    This one http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0115157/ & this one http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0773262/

    I usually copy the hearts from somewhere since I don't know the proper code for it ;)

    ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

  8. Check out my homage to your second Dexter. Haven't ever heard of the first Dexter.


  9. Oh, okay, I get it about the hearts. Thanks.

  10. Ooh you made those? I love the tools you used on them :) and it makes me think of my syringe pen haha should make a post about the silly pens I have...

  11. Henderica I just embellished the newspaper clippings. :) I bought the syringes, pliers, Dexter's tool box, etc., but I made the "blood."

  12. Henderica I am willing to bet everyone would enjoy seeing your silly pens. Do show us, please?

  13. Ok :D will round them up later today ;)

  14. Great. And sharing is even greater. :D