Monday, July 11, 2011

An Origami Pause for the Cause

I promise to upload more mail art tomorrow, if all goes well. I'm trying to make hay here while the injection is still holding the fort. It feels great being able to tidy up, do a little laundry, cook simple things, and even do dishes. I had to let so many things go. Now I need to catch up on my "home work." Work before pleasure! 

But I wanted to share an origami letter/envelope right quick. I made this for a certain Geometry teacher. Isn't the paper neat? I can't help myself: 

Q. What did the oak say to the math teacher? Or is it an acorn    talking to a tree? No! It's the tree getting smug with an acorn. Yes, that's it.

A. Gee, I'm a tree! If it's a Texas live oak, the answer would be:
     Gee, ahm a tree! The Texas accent sounds better, yup? 

Gently pulled apart, it reveals itself . . .

Fully separated . . . Two halves do make a great whole.

Reconnect after you've written your letter . . .

And simply add a wax seal to ensure the two halves stay joined during travel. I'd also use an address label on the reverse side for the same reason. The recipient simply needs to slice through the label and carefully remove half the seal to read their lovely letter.

And another thing. I cannot tell a joke to save myself. Most go over my head, but last night JC and I were finishing up dinner, and a rerun of "The Closer" was on. Brenda Lee had done her thing and was on her way to her car, when some sleazy bad guy stopped to yank her chain. He asked if she ever smoked after sex.

Well, no skin off my nose since I didn't know I needed a quarter to buy a clue, so I kept doing what I was doing: rinsing my plate with an eye on the tv--Then, Brenda Lee looked him dead in the eye and said, "Well, I wouldn't know if I smoke after sex 'cause I never look." JC guffawed at the exact same time I jerked my head around in disbelief, like it was a swivel bobble head, and nearly wrenched a neck muscle. Not because I was offended, but 'cause I got what she meant, and it wasn't even a joke. :D (No offense intended, so I hope none was taken. I am just relating a revelation--an epiphany of sorts on my part. And thank you for your time.)


  1. That is so funny!! I wasn't offended at all. The origami envie was cute too!

    Oh and thank you for the small mail. It made it ok but came 20 cents postage due. So I think they need 64 cent stamps next time. But such a treat to get in the mail!!

  2. Whew! That's a relief. Thanks Pen Thief. I don't ever want to offend anyone, especially not with me being known as the prude in my family. :) Glad you like my little creation.

    Sorry about the postage! Will send you a George Washington stamp, or would you prefer cash? :) I had no idea such a small envelope would cost 64 cents. That's mail fraud. Mail robbery? Thanks for the heads up. I mailed a book today. The postage made it one of the most expensive books I've read and passed on.

    Happy to hear you use the word "treat" in a sentence related to me. :)

    Am off to have dinner in someone's restaurant instead of in my kitchen. Have a great evening, and keep an out on your mail box.

  3. That is meant to read: Keep an eye on your mail box. Sorry. :) I'd hate for ANYONE to have removable eyes and then deliberately keep one out on my account, or because of my typo. ;)

  4. My dear Limner , since being sick I thought i might tell you of some fabulous books by Nevada Barr . she uses a lady forrest ranger by the name of Anna Pigeon . I find these books enjoyable . Im feeling better but still not 100%.
    I hope this will not keep you from writing though cause I do look forward to your letters . Alas my dear your lucys pillow calls her name .

  5. Am happy to hear you're reading. I find that a good book keeps me honest about the bed rest thing. :) I'll check out Nevada Barr. Just received a notice from B&N. My copy the first book in the Labyrinths of Echo series is in. It was recommended by someone from Post-crossing. Am still reading Cutting for Stone. I don't want it to end, so have been savoring each word.

    Happy I am to hear you are on the mend, dear Lucy. I am slowly catching up on my correspondence. I get such great mail. :D Wish I had something worth writing about. My life is about as interesting as overcooked oatmeal. :) Take care.

  6. Oh, you dont have to reimburse for the postage due. It was totally worth it. Plus your mail is definitely worth paying a lil for. =) And I am glad I dont have removable eyes. I was going to say that I would take my eyes (contacts) out and place them on the mailbox. But that seems a waste of good lenses.

    But now that my foolishness is done...keep an eye on your mailbox as well!

  7. Dare I hope I'm the only geometry teacher on your mailing list?

  8. Thank you Pen Thief. Such a compliment, too! LOL! I don't get why such a tiny letter should cost more. I mailed it on the weekend. Had I known it wouldn't pass muster, I would have waited for Monday. Thanks for telling me. I learned something new.

    Hahaha! Glad you got my attempt at humor. Wolfey has made me more aware of what I write now, but sometimes I can't help myself. What a clever come-back though! LOL! For real.

    Thank you for the awesome mail. I am truthfully in awe. I like the tobacco envie. Wow. I said envie. :) I still grapple with convo meaning conversation. Sheesh. Am showing my age.

    Foolishness is good once in a while. :) I bought something today that made me blush when I checked out. Don't know why, 'cause I'm sure the checker figured it was for a child and not an adult old enough to know better. Will share later.

    Oh! And those Disney stickers??? THANK YOU! Wait until you hear what I did with them. It's like you read my mind.

    Better go, this it turning into a letter. ;)

  9. Ooowee Patty, Can't say 'cause if I did I'd have to shoot me. :D