Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Okay! Stop Twisting My Arm Girl!

I am working on this sharing thing. Henderica, the Sly Vixen twisted my arm into sharing some of the awesome mail that rained on my head. I am opening with this. It bears a May postmark, but I look at it every day. I am an ex-graphic designer who has a weakness for typography. I love type! I love designing with type. How TMC knew this is beyond my ken, but I appreciate her for it. I have been working on something special for her, but it's taking a long time. I hope she hasn't given up. Isn't this card beyond awesome? It deserves a mat and frame, but then the stamp and what she wrote on back would be hidden. What's a limner to do?

Can't read the quote? Well, it says "One tends to give one's fingers too little credit for their own good sense." Then there's a brief bio about Elizabeth Zimmermann at the bottom. See the bee? It's my secret avatar. See the puzzle pieces? I love 5k puzzles. The more pieces the better. Taught myself sign language, knitting, cross stitching, crocheting, canning . . . More on this love of a card later, but it seems to describe a part of me in details.

Now, on to the mail Henderica twisted my arm into showing sharing. 

This is my correct post office box address. How the sender knows I have a thing for light houses is a mystery to me. I dreamed of living in one. Then I read the book, The Bone People and I really wanted to.  The artist in the book lived in a light house. I didn't like her very much. She was an abusive cow. 

I also like maps. Remind me to show you the ones on the wall in my studio some day. Yes, it means I still read Nat' Geo. 

Look! Another map envelope. And, the Pen Thief has been to San Lucas. I'd envy her, only envy is a sin. ;) Guess what. I might not have remembered there's a San Antonio in Cali, too, and not just in Texas, if not for Misty. I like maps, I tell ya. 

Lookie! Eyeball it with care and you'll see . . . There's another bee. And check out those marching cupcakes. Did I mention I love butterflies? I've grown moths, so I love them, too. Is "I Heart NY" a giveaway of the sender's location? I'm only asking. All that art work. Uh huh! There are artists up in here.

Hey now! Pinch me, y'all. I got one, too.

I am one lucky limner-woman-person!

I LOL every time I look at this. I have a thing for Band-Aids, too. Some days I have 5 or 6 fingers covered. I am a cut waiting for some skin when there are sharp objects around. And I use an Xact Blade at least twice a day. I have a pen knife, I use a sharp assed chef's knife and . . . Maybe I should invest in Johnson & Johnson?

Vertical lines rock. So do stamps. I like rams. Used to see them morning and afternoon when I lived on that mountain in Colorado. Clara Barton was a girlhood heroine. I was stunned when I learned just how caring she was. I read she died from an STD, poor thing. They don't make mail boxes like they used to, do they?

I like this no matter how I look at it. Cole has a style that's all her own, too. Red is one of my favorite colors (I like every color.), and her stationery is edged in red. The woman got me to use red ink again. Mmm.

This is the first Braille postcard I've ever received. 

(. . . to be continued)


  1. I <3 Nat Geo as well!! I have learned a few things about you that I didn't know. =)

  2. LOL! All this sharing feels like kindergarten all over again: "Remember, we have to share the crayons."

  3. Pen Thief, I am learning from one of the best. ;) I haven't read July's copy yet.

    All those free maps! Ooh la! :D

  4. Oooh those are so beautiful !
    haha yes sharing is good :D
    Now I have learned some things about you that come in handy... *where is my notebook*

  5. LOL Henderica. Sly you! Sharing is good. So far.

    Am off to bed. I have to answer all that mail that rained on my head. :)


  6. Goodnight :)
    Just had my breakfast, no work today so hope to do some crafting

  7. Oh my how lovely and look at all the colors and yes waiting for the next installment . Sharing is definately good .

  8. LOL et tu phonelady61? Just came home again. The heat is so enervating. I need to lie down for a bit to cool off and unwind. Will post more this evening. Hope you are cool Lucy. :)

  9. Alas poor lucy has bronchitis . I now have three diferent meds im taking and feeling horrible seems it was all related to a virus I had two wks ago . So beware everyone when being anywhere be sure to use hand sanitizer and an immune booster such as goldenseal . Im now headed to bed .

  10. Oh no! You poor thing. I am so sorry to hear this. Bronchitis is nothing to sneeze at. Am sending you a box of Limner's Faux Chicken Soup. It's faux 'cause I don't eat chicken, but it always helps Erin when she's sick.

    Take your meds, drink plenty of fluids, rest, and be receptive to healing thoughts coming your way.

    Keep us posted Cathy.

    Love and hugs,
    This Limner

  11. There's my pitiful little centipede mail. Check out those drawing skills on the feet!

  12. Patty she might be subbing for the snal but the girl has style. And small feet. Plus she delivers with a grin, lipstick, and flair! I say she's write on! :D

    Um, you reckon she's masked 'cause of those little bitty feet? Aha! That's why she has so many! :) She is worthy of adoration.

    Thank you, my friend.