Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Turn!

I know I said there would be more show 'n tell, and there will. I just want to let you see some of what's going out. So, it's my turn.

Do you ever wish for something--just idly think "I wish they made xyz so I wouldn't have to." Then find it or have it come to you soon after? Do you like origami? I do. Erin and I learned how to make folded paper creations when we lived in Colorado. She was much better at it though. 

Any how . . . I wanted something different in the way of stationery and envelopes. Origami came to mind when I had to improvise folding a letter to fit an envelope. I thumbed through my origami book, sighed, and thumbed some more. Now, sighing delivers more oxygen to my brain cells. The more oxygen, the more ideas. Right? I mean, an idle mind is supposed to be the Devil's playground. Or so "they" say. So, I make sure mine is always busy, since an idle limner's mind is more like a mine field. Don't ask me to explain. 

Now, all those little folded paper creations were more like rich lodes of creative potential. When potential knocks, I open the door. I did some folding and refolding until I had a prototype. Then I did some enlarging. By now, some of you have gotten at least a sample of the end results. Encouraged . . . I'm only guessing the first batch made it, since Patty is the only one to tell me so; and since none have come back to bite me, I got down to business.

Can you imagine why I chose this particular 12 X 12 sheet of scrapbooking paper for an envelope? I know you know why, but I'll say it any way. I like how the edges remind me of a postage stamp. If that's not a cosmic hint-whisper-nudge, saying that a giant stamp would make a great envelope, too, then I don't know what is. So, I commenced to folding! The one problem? It's so pretty I can't let go of it just yet. 

Backing up a bit . . . Two days after wishing "they" made origami stationery, I heard a whisper, "Go to Barnes & Noble, girl. Just go." And I did. Imagine my hair-standing-up-on-the-nape-of-my-neck delight upon seeing my wish-come-true, not even seven minutes after I walked in out of the heat, and into the cool. It lay there, waiting for me . . . A box of ORIGAMI Stationery. 

There's more to this tale. It is trying so hard to morph into a giveaway, so stay tuned . . .


Everything happens for a reason. There are no accidents. Nothing is random. So, when I was being discharged after thyroid surgery, I wondered silently questioned the nurse's decision to send me home with a suture removal kit; gauze included. Like I was ever going to remove anything from my neck--especially if I had to use something sharp. Sharp and Limner do not play well together. I didn't complain. I didn't ask "Are you for real?" or "Removal by the surgeon isn't included with this surgery package?" I simply watched as Erin took the kit and packed it away inside my bag. Blame it on the Demerol.

Several days ago I mailed a little monkey to someone. I've been buying a lot of little monkeys lately. I've also been listening to "I'm the proudest monkey . . ." on my iPod and iPhone a super lot. Don't you just like that song? I also made a postcard with a monkey that makes me proud that I can read. I'll give it to someone when I can bear to. But . . . Well, have a look.

Ain't he cute? Looks like he was born to fit that gauze container, huh? He left last week. Oh. He's meant to hold a photo, or a note, or a memo, or something. Some things are just ideal.

Bottom Up


Then there's Ufie.

He flew in recently. I think he's here to stay.


  1. You have all these cute toys Im jealous . Love the monkey too . Im feeling better .

  2. Hey! Relieved to hear you're on the mend. Bronchitis is a nasty little bug.

    Aw, don't be jealous, I got my little UFO buddy at one of my favorite art supply stores. We stopped at Kroger on our way home just minutes ago. JC just sighed, rolled his eyes like I was some kid throwing a tantrum, and whispered "Come on, people are looking" when I asked for fifty cents to buy a toy from one of those gum ball machines that dispense plastic toys. Used to be, they cost a quarter. I was hoping for a little yellow duck. Am going to send you what I got instead. :) It's just as cute. That's my version of impulse buying. :)

    Be well my friend. And don't drink Dos XX.

  3. I wish I had the patient to fold paper into cool stuff. I tried recently to turn a piece of paper into a button up shirt. I thought I was following the pattern correctly but just couldn't get it right. Any suggested website for beginners like me?

  4. Aaaw Ufie is cute! so is the monkey :D don't know that song but will try to look it up ;) I have two purple sheep's like that & think I have an egg (or two) over at my work (found it when we moved to the floor we are on now)
    Love the folded envelope and love the vfact you used a large stamp for it ;)

    Oh (finally) posted the pen post on my mail blog ;)

  5. Susan I've made that shirt and it is cute. I made one for a journal page. The way to get better is simply to keep trying. Practice does make perfect. I use scrap paper until I get it right. Used to think Erin was better at it because she has such tiny hands. Not true. She's more left brain and I am more right, but I manage to get it right eventually.

    I am not aware of any web sites for beginners. :( Sorry. Don't give up yet. It's something worth learning. Like the frog that jumps. :)

  6. Henderica, hey, Here's a link to the song. There are times when I listen if I'm feeling a little distanced from this tribe of humans I belong to. :) Then there are times when it's the different drummer that responds to the "off beat" musical notes. Yet I don't always need a reason to listen to the one song over and over . . .

    You should share, as in you show me yours 'cause I showed you mine. ;) It's the secret things that give clues to who we really are, don't you think? I take photos of my desks just to see what they say about me. LOL!

    Glad you like my little green friend.

    Am headed your way to check out your new post. Dinner can wait. Ta!

  7. Susan try this:

    Henderica sorry I forgot to include the link. LOL. Try this one:

  8. I DID IT! I made a shirt and tie! My tie was too huge but I get the concept and will have to cut my paper down. What a neat little thing I can send to my son who just got his first job out of college where he has to wear a shirt and tie. :-)

    Thanks for the encouragement to keep trying!

  9. Good for you Susan! :D Now disregard the one I half made last night. Forget the tie, too. LOL! I made the shirt as I watched Splice last night and called myself multi-tasking. Pfftt! It was more like making multi messes. It was fun though.

    Now try your hand at origami stationery. Any letter writer will get a kick out of getting an intricately folded letter. :) Check out today's post . . .

    Am so proud of you.