Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Apology in Times New Roman

I love hearing from everyone on a regular basis, but I'm going to be moving like Uncle Joe at Petticoat Junction again, real soon. As in kinda slow. Physical therapy always tires me out, and it's been prescribed three times a week until my arm gets better. Surgery is the last resort. Seems there is "very little tissue to work with," so I opted for steroid and pain med injections, along with physical therapy sessions first. 

Now, please, be forewarned. I am supposed to start therapy asap. I want my shoulder and arm working again--pain-free and easy--like they did before the fall down those stairs. I want to stand at my easel and draw again. I want to pump my arms when I am on the treadmill. I want to write without ice packs, pain pills, and muscle relaxers. I want to run like it's recess, too, but we know it ain't happening. I can dream, and I can try for what's heppenable. And getting my shoulder and arm back is doable and happenable. Dreaming of running like I did when I was a kid and it was recess is good enough for me.

Please feel free to remind me of my preamble if I start to whine or wuss out after the first 5 or 6 PT sessions. The first two weeks are always the most difficult for me. I promise not to get mad or pout if you do.

I have a dwindling stack of letters to answer, and I will. I promise. And I keep my word. Do not feel obliged to write if you get more than one letter from me though. On occasion, I break a single letter into several responses. That means you don't have to reply to 3 if you get three. You don't have to write to me unless you genuinely feel like it. Seriously. A lovely writer wrote that he didn't have anything to say after a couple of paragraphs, so he was closing his letter. I felt/feel so bad for that. And I apologize for all the boring mail I might have written. I am not in training for the Iditarod or the Iron Man thingy; and Tour de France started without me. So, from now on, I won't write unless I have something worth writing about. :) I promise. No more dull Limner Mail!

I'll be able to share more photos of Katy, Houston, Galveston, and goodness only knows where/what else, once my shoulder/arm is back in shooting fettle. I blame boring letter-writing on not being able to use my tripod or drive very far. For real. There's more to Katy than the inside of my home. You all are so very kind, polite and generous. I appreciate your tolerance and your social grace. Thank you.

Sincerely sincere,

This Limner


  1. we look forward to better days for you and pain free too .

  2. There is nothing boring about receiving a hand-written letter in the stack of otherwise dull mail. I've found my best letter writing is done in the winter time when I'm sitting in front of my light therapy box. So, in the meantime, my letters are more like short notes but I've been printing some photos from around town and making cards with them ... hopefully to make up for the lack of words. I sincerely hope the art of letter writing never dies ...

    And, I hope you are feeling better sooner rather than later! Cheers!

  3. Ick hope the therapy makes your arm behave better and you don't have to have surgery.
    You may whine as much as you want, reminds me of this cross stitch pattern I saw ;)

  4. I pray that you will be well soon and that your pain and immobility are quickly a thing of the past. If you are tempted to give up on PT bribe yourself with something like new stationery, pens or other such goodies for each goal you set and achieve. I will try and send you some encouragement and congratulatory "goodies" to ease the way as well! Best wishes, Elle

  5. Oh I finally got some mail today and there as something handy in there from you ;) will see if I can make something silly with those hands ;) first to get some dry socks, I should have worn my rain boots when I walked to the store...

  6. I've enjoyed reading your posts here; can't imagine you are ever capable of writing a DULL letter!! Pray the therapy works :>

  7. phonelady61 I thank you. I feel positive about my situation. I've had several 98% pain free moments, hours and days since the injection. The heavy duty pain meds help but they make me forget. So, I hope to be forgiven for the times I have repeated myself, maybe answered the same letter twice, or made mistakes like I did with Jackie. I sent her mail meant for Ilona, and probably vice versa, and the lovely Jackie pulled my dress tail in private, and gently let let know. Such grace and tact.

    Shucks, this feels like a Letter Writing 12 Step Program or something. :) I feel sober, as in clear-headed, due to pain relief. I apologize if I've gone on too long about it, as well. No one wants to ride on someone else's downer. I was tired of pretending and suffering in silence. Instead of lying, I chose to tell the truth about the why of it all. Thanks for the op to do so.

    SuddenlySusan, thank you! :)

    Thanks Henderica. I like that cx pattern. I used to be crazy for cxing. I found my old letterhead from my cx designing days. :) Will show you soon, okay? LOL! I was known in cxing circles as The Keeper of the Floss. BTW, I picked up something with you in mind when I bought paper the other day. Will share that as well.

    Thanks elle. I like that idea! Goodness knows one can never have too much stationery, pens, or ink, or stamps, or maybe even another quill. Girl, I'm really looking forward to PT. Aw shucks, but you're sweet. I also look forward to drawing some good things as gifts for lovely lovies like you. :)

    Henderica! I almost spoiled the surprise when I asked if you'd received something from me earlier. :) I'm happy now. Just play around with them and see what comes up. I like doing hennaed hands stationery. I think of palmistry too.

    HAPPY DAY MAIL, thank you. Oh, trust me, I realized I must be as dull as month old chipped nail polish. :) I shudder to think of what I've been writing about, having been stuck inside with limitations for so long. People have just been too polite to tell me. :(

    I love prayers! And I promise better letters soon.

    Humbly yours,

    This Limner

  8. I have never been bored by your mail. Not once! That is why every piece of mail from you gets a response from me. I am glad to hear that you are doing better. I hope the PT goes well too!

  9. Aw, shucks, Misty. You are too sweet for your own good. :) Thanks for the bird envelopes! You are spoiling me. I am going to color each panel like it's art and crafts in grade school. :) Just wait until my next post. How do you find all those goodies?

    It's good to know you have a great life with an amazing fella. ;) Getting JC to do some of the things I like requires tranquilizing him with a blow dart first. LOL! I can't chase him like I used to.

    I like your posts. SuddenlySusan has great outings, too. I love the outdoors and travel, though it might sound unlikely since I seem to have been stuck inside a lot for the last 3 years. I love feeling like I'm on an outing when I get to read the great bloggers' entries. Who knew the internet could be so miraculous?

    Yes! Thanks again, 'cause I am feeling so much better as of Friday. JC took me in for the first injection. Dr. M gave me a prescription for decent pain meds, too, meaning they are strong enough to be effective. Am so looking forward to PT.

  10. My dear Limner! You boring? I think NOT. Not even if you tried. I know how tiring PT can be. Did it with the surgeries on both of my shoulders. Just feel better soon, my friend.

  11. Thanks for the empathy Motherkitty, as well as the positive energy and your kind denial. I drove again today. :)

    Hope you are in the pink!

  12. Very best of luck with the PT. Keep that end goal in mind because the time and effort is worth it.

    Some of my favorite letters are from my grandparents and my dad, all gone now, and just those regular-day kind of newsy notes.

    And you? Boring? No way!

  13. Maria, thanks for the sound advice and good wishes. I liked my grands' regular-day kind of mail, too.

    I hope to have something decent to write about before the summer is over. If I were in Maya's shoes, I'd write about anticipating, saving, dreaming and planning for a trip to Disney. :) Now that's worth writing about. LOL. Such a smart girl, that Maya. ;)