Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More of the Mail Wow Factor

Classy She, from Watona. Thank you!

Reminds me of Charleston

Maps leave me weak-kneed.

People who saw this always commented on the stamp (including JC),  NOT the postmark. Hmm. The envelope was opened. Someone used an instrument to slice through three sides. They left the postcard atop the letter. No way could the letter and card have made it from Wales in tact, if the envelope had been opened in transit.

JC thinks someone is clever-clever to have come up with such a unique way to recycle Dole stickers. I agree with JC. The art work's not bad either.

This goes in The Limner Mail Hall of Fame. I save chocolate wrappers. Well, saved is more like it, since I learned saving such things is considered hoarding. I tossed them. Thank you, Pen Thief.

Just the way I like my chocolate. Yum! A pre-written letter. Such a creative thinker you are, Misty. I like poetry. This is more like edible poetry, though, since I'd eat the chocolate while my lover read the poem out loud. Ahem. That's IF I had a lover. 

Ah, then there's this. Istanbul. My very first card from Turkey. I like pen and ink drawings. The detail work is hypnotic. Thank you.

Patty, Patty, Patty. I almost salute every time I look at this. How on Earth did you make this flag? And the stamps? Ooh la, girl! You should teach a mail art class at your local community college. I salute you.

And this . . . I had a flashback to my childhood the moment I saw this in my mail box. It took me all the way back to bib overalls, brogans, feed stores . . . and chewing tobacco. It reminded JC of playing bad. LOL! Pen Thief, thanks for some awesome memories, and a novel gift. You and Patty, and mail writers everywhere are something special. Misty, what else can I say? Thank you!

There's more to come, but I needed to share and tell in dribbles. I can open a mail museum because of you guys. You're awesome. You do things I've never considered or dreamed of. Thank you!

I mailed 14 letters, boxes, postcards, and notecards yesterday. I have about 10 more to go. Moanday's Mail Bag was bristling and bulging.

Write on!

Sincerely sincere,

This grateful Limner


  1. Alas my dear LImner , I got your letter today and wrote one back and will send out tommorow . I did a little mail art and I hope you enjoy them . Have a wonderful day .

  2. Dear phonelady61. Please don't write unless you actually want to write a letter. Don't write in response to a reply from me, simply because you feel you owe me another letter. Doing so will take away the very special feeling that comes with getting mail. Let us continue on new footing.

    I cannot write a decent letter if I don't feel I have anything worth telling you. Is it a deal? I've been writing a lot in an attempt to catch up. That's all. :) Write to me once a month, or just once in a while. I'm easy, plus it will make it easier for me with PT three days a week.

    Concentrate on getting better. Mail can wait. Thanks for the mail art. Am looking forward to seeing it. :D

  3. There is no such thing as hoarding when your a mail artist! You aren't hoarding your up-cycling!

  4. Oh a Thomas the Tank Engine stamp :D
    Ringo Starr did the storytelling on the first series. (there ends the random info for today that is in my head)
    First time I've seen a Welsh air mail sticker should ask if someone could send me some ;)
    or might have an idea for an post...

  5. Someone sliced open the letter I sent you? How odd! Glad you liked the Thomas the Tank Engine stamp! The Royal Mail have treated us to some fun stamps lately, including Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds, Joe 90 and Stingray! Hendrica, if you email me, I could send you some Welsh airmail stickers. We get them on a sheet, alternating with English language stickers. I love living in a bilingual country!