Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I've Got Mail From Thomas Jefferson

I've got mail from Thomas Jefferson. For real. I got it today. See?

(Please check out the penmanship. Cursive rocked then and now.)

Reading it was like reading a letter from one of you, my great letter-writing peeps. The one surprise was the yellow lines that showed up only on the scanner. The thing that made me go, "Aw, will you look at that," was how much his handwriting reminded me of my Aunt Pauline's and my grandmother's. They formed some of their letters just as he did. Jefferson used both sides of the paper. And . . . Guess what. 

He sent mail art! Lots of it. Oh, you won't believe the mail art. 

(There's more to come.)


Mrs. Duffy and I have been experimenting with letter crossing. Do you have examples to share? Jefferson's ink lasted because it has been preserved. I have a feeling, that Mrs. Duffy is on the money about letter crossing being easier back in the day, since their inks were different and lighter. Our experiment is still in its infancy. Can you help us out?

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  1. Of course I can and you know I will . take care my dear . I hope you get lots of mail art and cursive writing .