Friday, July 15, 2011

It's Still Showtime

Wouldn't this make a great poster? What a slogan, too. I can't put it away, this mailer, since I keep looking at it. So many talented people, letter writers! And the contents? I'm saving to share a little later. The Purple Penhead is . . .  Here: Check out the style, talent, and pretty-pretty for yourself.

I never imagined I'd get SEA MAIL! My uncle Jeff was a merchant marine. I used to dream of being one when I was a young girl. He used to send my grandmother such exotic packages from around the world. And the stamps? Oh, you would have loved those stamps as much as I did. 

And, if I were a merchant marine, I'd get to read navigation charts, use an astrolabe and other instruments I'd never seen but read about. I read Kon-Tiki when I was too young, so I read it again when I was in my twenties. I liked it just as much.  I would like to read it again. Have you read it? If you did, did you like it?

So, how neat is Linda's envelope? The blue lines remind me of sea and wind currents. I like the words SEA + MAIL. Can't you just imagine a woman on a finger of land, all alone, living in a lighthouse, writing SEA MAIL, and having to row out to meet a mail ship? Or how about sending SEA MAIL via sea gulls that act like homing pigeons? Oh, the stories Linda conjured up with the gift of her lovely chart envie. Envie. I still marvel at the word. And POB. Such clever-clever thinkers/imaginers/word coiners! 

I enjoy running my fingers across the embossed lines of the address label with my eyes closed. I've pored over the envelope--inside and out--and still manage to find something new every time I look. Imagine how much fun it will be when I use a magnifier. 

Linda, I wish I could have at least one chart. No, two! I would mat and frame both, so I would actually need three, because I would have to frame both sides, and I am greedy enough to wish for a sheet to scan, print, and make envelopes, too, just like you. I hope you'll tell how you came by your lovely navigation charts. Everyone will love to hear. I am looking forward to getting better so I can go treasure seeking, too. See how you've inspired this slightly lame limner? Thanks for writing to me. If I could hug you, I would.

As if the letter and super great envelope weren't enough, you gave me tea, too. I still don't remember who gave me the Good Earth tea, but I love it. I bought a box at WFM, and I pass on the goodness. I never thought I'd like another tea as much as I like the ones from Teavana, or The Tea Republic, but that's what I get for being a . . . Never mind. Okay. I am like those little goats that keel over when they get too excited. Have you ever seen them?

There's a little keeling-over-goat-ranch we pass on our way to Jasper. It's a good thing I'd seen them on The Learning Channel first, because I'd have made JC pull over so I could do mouth-to-mouth the first time I saw them. I think Mom Nature is cruel to do that to them. Programming them keel over like that makes them easy prey. Sorry for the detour. I was talking about hugs, right?

Heck, I'd like to hug everyone who even stops by my little corner of the blogosphere. You make my life richer by far. I'd have letter gout, if such a thing existed, 'cause this Limner's life is super enriched by your letters. Even semi-recluses can make friends now. I like that a lot. You are all life-changers. If I could, I would make t-shirts for every single one of you. And on the front would be: I am a life-changer. 

( . . . to be continued.)


  1. hey Limner I blogged about you in my blog . You must read it dear . I love the idea of sea mail . LOL !!! Yes why send boring mail when you can send happy mail art .

  2. We should be thanking you, my friend. You have given back --- to me, anyway --- far more than I have given to you. My life is, indeed, far richer and textured because you are a part of it.
    By the way, I think Mother Nature did wrong by the fainting goats. It pains me to see them stiffen up and fall over. (Sadly, my husband and daughter think they're a hoot.) I just want to pick the little darlings up and hug them.

    Big hug to you!