Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Checking In

"Thanks for liking my photo/postcard. I took it in front of the Katy Heritage Museum. The text is my attempt at humor. :) Okay, the cattle water trough is good for bathing, and it gets so hot here it is a great hot tub, too. ;) Farting in the water makes bubbles just like in a hot tub."

Seems like every other person close to me is ill, in the middle of getting well, in the hospital, is recently discharged from the hospital, or . . . 

There's a lot of drama going on in my life right now. I am up until dawn dispensing medications, checking temps, handling special diets, forcing fluids, checking urine output . . . There's not much time for writing if you are chief cook, bottle washer, and nurse. Yet I am able to pause in the middle of a storm, for a bit of humor.

This is one of my personal photo/postcards. It's been "favourited" several times on Postcrossing. That makes me feel good. I like the photographs of the watering trough/tub, too. Can't you just see a cowgirl taking a bath in a trough aka water fountain for horses and cattle? And, can't you see those bubbles on a hot Texas night, breaking the surface that reflects "the stars at night, deep in the heart of Texas"?

My mom was in the hospital. My youngest sister was in the hospital. She has renal failure. She's home now. So is my mom, except she had to be rushed back for a while. My older sister is in the hospital. I took my nephew in for major oral surgery Thursday. Afterward, he started bleeding uncontrollably in the parking lot, right before the nurse could get him into my car. The dentist had to leave the root of one wisdom tooth for complicated reasons, so we have to go back to get it removed, and there are two uppers that need extracting. 

Simon has a serious infection that warranted a late night hospital run. Please, if you have pets, get pet insurance. He ended up having to stay overnight. I learned he has a heart murmur. I cried like a baby at the news. When I am ill or when I am depressed he never leaves my side unless I insist. He and Minuet are the best medicine ever. She cries for him, but I have to keep them separated. For now.

He hates the collar that keeps him from reaching his wounds and the iv sites. I think he might like his pain meds a little bit too much though. Has anyone ever heard of a feline addict? He's taking Amoxicillin, an NSAID, and some potent narcotics. If I miss a pain med dose he lets me know. Again, have you ever heard of feline addiction? Or and type of animal addiction? :)

So, I have a cat in my bed, a nephew in Erin's room next door, and JC in the master bedroom. I don't have time to write letters just now, but Lordy, am I composing them in my head. I let let go of fretting over falling behind in my correspondence, because fretting never paid a bill, fretting never climbed a hill, and it sure as heck never wrote a letter. Thanks for all the great mail I look forward to answering though. It's like looking at promises that need keeping. I always do my best to keep my promise.


  1. :( hope everyone will get better soon, we understand why you can't write back
    Also give Simon a big cuddle, bet my cats would try their best to get out of one of those collars, don't remember them having one, they good patients probably.
    The people at the vet like Murray (she's been there overnight twice in her life one when she got spayed and once when she had something with her ear (nothing scary thankfully) and she's 10 now) and she likes to do meow off's with other cats.
    And that is a lovely postcard :) I should make more pictures of things here in the city and make postcards from them for postcrossing ;)

  2. Oh god I hope everyone gets better soon dear and much needed rest . take care and hope all is well and back to normal asap.

  3. Boy! You have a full plate! No one will think the worse of you for not being on time with a letter... things happen. Just relax and try to take care of yourself as well as those who at present need nursing. See you in the mail! Elle

  4. Thanks elle. I've been sitting on the worst parts of all. Wasn't sure if I should put it out there, but the truth is my daughter is dealing with breast biopsies after her first mammogram showed suspicious calcified deposits, and pre-cancerous cells. Now she has to wait until the first week in August for a biopsy of the second breast. She is so young. She's not married, recently broke up with her boyfriend of several years, and I can't travel to be with her. She was with me the day I had part of my breast removed. She was still in grade school, but I will never forget the look on her face when they took me in for a biopsy that turned into a long procedure.

    So, thanks for allowing me to be able to trust my personal life here with you all. Life isn't always easy or light.

    Yesterday was the first day I've missed filling my Moandan Mail Bag. I haven't even sent Patty's get-well cards. Overload, overload,overload. Now I have to take my nephew to work. Then I have to pick him up around midnight. Between then and now I must do the laundry from the sick beds and make dinner. I promise to write first chance I get. Thanks for your comment.

  5. phonelady61 Thank you. A sick Simon is worse than a sick man. Sick cats clench their jaws when they have to take pills or antibiotics, but the pain meds are absorbed into the gums. Guess which one he likes taking. He's still feverish and likes to sleep stretched out next to my thigh. It's like sleeping with a long hot water bottle.

  6. Henderica, hey. Thank you. Simon did well at the emergency hospital and he likes his regular vet and the nurses. He does things for them that he absolutely will not do for me. Like getting into the pet carrier. He bit me for the first time in his life when I tried to get him inside. I accidentally hurt his would. He sank his fangs in good. Hurt my hand and my feelings. LOL.

    Life goes so well, then a lot of things happen at once to rattle us. The worst thing is not being with my daughter. I could board Simon or take him with me, but Minuet and Feist would be alone with JC. That means they would be caged all day or locked in their room. until around 6 PM. My nephew wouldn't have a way to get to work. Wish we could have clones for times like this. Then after things were back to normal the clone would be shut down and returned to cold storage. :)

    I'm glad you like the card. I have some goodies for my make-up mail. Photos of where people live always whet my appetite. Patty sent me a postcard of . . . more later gotta run

  7. Please, please don't fret about sending me a get well card. Every single piece of mail you've ever sent me oozed goodness and positive vibes. If that isn't get well mail, I don't know what is.

    I always heard bad things come in threes, but you seem to be juggling a baker's dozen! Remember to find some time for Limner. You need that time to recharge your spirit, or you won't be of much help to anyone. It must weigh heavily on your heart that you can't be with Erin during these trying days. Thanks for sharing your burden with us. Know that good wishes and prayers are being offered from all over your pen friend world. Hugs.

  8. Patty thank you. How are you? Mail is headed your way. It's not much, but I needed to touch base with you.

    I am grateful for all of you. A shared load is a lighter load. My great peers have lightened my loads immensely. JC is "taking over" for me tomorrow. I look forward to sleeping in. He's going to take my nephew to work, and maybe even check out used cars. :)

    Moanday passed without my trip to the post office. It didn't even register until I was getting ready for bed. I have learned that the body is great at handling stress overloads. It compartmentalizes until a body can deal with what needs dealing with. O-Bird reminded me of that a couple of days ago.

    Am off to bed. Be well!

  9. Just droppin' in to thank you for sharing your life with your readers...life DOES happen and at times it's overwhelming! I pray my "Care Mail" will be uplifting for you during this stressful time. Don't dare respond until the time is good for you. Until then, you are in my prayers. Take care of yourself!

  10. You!! I am thoroughly amazed by your mail! A longer thank you will follow by post, but please know that I appreciate your letter and the journal. I am glad to hear that life is settling down a bit, and never feel like you bore me. I don't mind hearing about life's trials and tribulations. Take care, my dear friend.

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