Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wads 'n Words

Wads . . .
Wad: a bundle of paper, banknotes, or documents : a thick wad of index cards.
I have several wads of paper. I dislike wasting precious paper. All the paper at my disposal is good paper. I like paper. I don’t think I have ever met a paper I didn’t like. I do not like wads of paper though.

So, why do I have paper wads? I have paper wads because I have difficulty controlling my pens lately. Loss of control results in messy letters. Messy letters are caused when spasms make my pen skitter across or even off the page when I write. It makes me go “Arrgh!” Out of frustration. No one likes reading mail that has too many strikethroughs. At least I don’t think they do.

I’ve decided to use my word processor when needed. I’d much rather print a letter I’ve typed than not write at all. It sounds too much like being gagged after you finally get to meet the one person you dream of having dinner and conversation with. Who would you like to eat and talk with? 

And, since it won’t be for very long, I have a feeling it won’t be a bad thing. I doubt anyone will be too offended, either. Y’all are such good people who forgive lapses and infirmities. Besides, two typed letters have already gone out. (double winks)

No more wads!
I will write on!


  1. Oh Im so glad to hear this and I hope you get my letter soon and I think you will be quite pleasantly surprised at what it contains . Have a wonderful day !!!

  2. While I love the hand-written letter, I totally agree that a typed letter is better than none at all! I tend to write a lot more when I type ... typing has been my life work since high school.

    Maybe a beautiful cursive font will make you feel better about typing?

  3. phonelady61, my constant friend, I thank you. Yes, your lovely, colorful mail made its way to me. Thanks you again for the lovely pretties. They are too sweet. Am going to take photos when JC sets up my tripod. Maybe by tomorrow. So hug yourself for me! :D

  4. Susan! You easy rider, you! Everything was unraveling here for a while. My big Mac needs to go in for repairs. Power failure might have been the culprit. I was getting paranoid, thinking all means of communication are failing. I started looking into carrier pigeons and Morse Code. LOL. Seriously . . . If this is what prison is like, I will never break the law. :)

    Hope you are well.

  5. True a typed letter is better than nothing at all ;)

    But I also have some strikethroughs in my letters, since English is not my native language and I do make some mistakes (or just don't know how to write a word, spell check is my friend ;) )