Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Stamp Act

What a class act, huh? I don't know all the players here, but I enjoyed buying them. I've even done research on several unknown names and faces. I'm learning a lot from the stamps you send. These are four of several I've used recently. Don't you just like stamps? Such little rectangles are embodied with duty, power, and action. They're like mail tug boats. They're small but they can take a single letter across the country, across an ocean, across the seven seas, or around the world and back. 

Sheesh. Talk about around the world and back. I've had more mail returned from EMP. The first was my copy of The Postmistress, sent first class. Weeks after that, a note card sent separate, returned yesterday. I sent the book again . . . Yes, it went first class, only it cost more this time. Has anyone heard from her? Neither address she gave me is valid. I want permission to use quotes from her book. Has anyone read it?

Anyway . . .

I've been getting more new stamps than I can shake a stick at. Not sure why I'd want to, but still . . . Ahem . . . Notice the four envelopes peeking from my green vase/bag? It's the bag my mums arrived in on my birthday. Well, guess what. Four arrived in the same day! Envelopes, not bags. For real. You could have knocked me over with a quill. All those colors and words written FMEO (for my eyes only). Heck, I have my own acronym now. One day they just might make a postage stamp just for me us. 

I think it should be an alphabet stamp. The alphabet should be in cursive. In upper and lower case. Then the following year it should be numbers. Yes. What do you think? And should it be a font with serifs or sans? Black or red? Oh, my! That would be so . . . letterly!



  1. gotta love those stamps yes maam.

  2. Greetings from Malaysia. I am Bree and I am doing a project which is about exchanging collectors item such as stamps and philately, postcards and bookmarks from around the world. However, my main focus is stamps and philately because I am a stamp collector. I saw your blog and I am hoping that you can support my little project. You can contact me at Please do reply my comment. Thank you. :D

  3. phonelady61, hey, I agree with you. Where would we be without stamps? We'd have to train carrier pigeons instead, you reckon? I sure don't see us using smoke signals or drums, however, they would create less pollution. :D

  4. Henderica, hey you! They certainly are pretty. I try to keep at least one stamp from each new series that I purchase. Does that make me a collector or a hoarder? :)

  5. Bree I'm not sure how I can help other than send you a stamp on a return envelope if you write to me and I reply. I keep all the lovely stamps that come my way. Good luck though. I like stamps also. :)

  6. I have a life long love of stamps... I have culled them off of every piece of mail that comes into my hands and swiped some from my mother waste paper basket... that one is quite a story... maybe I'll write about it on my blog.I love stamps so-o much that years ago I started making my own. What a joy!! Each one a little piece of art...sigh!
    BTW thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. It is very nice to meet you....I think that you will find a little mailart cheer from me in your mailbox a few days from now! See you in the mail! Elle