Saturday, June 11, 2011

Show and Tell

This is what happens when you have a lot of time on your hands. 

I've been trying to coax my sister, Betty into writing letters again. So last night, as I was waiting for the pills to kick in, I started a letter. Before I knew it I was on a roll. No pain meant her gain. See, she was born in Galveston. My sister loves water. Guess who just happens to have morgues filled to brimming with water related embellishments.

Last month I was lamenting over what to do with Sponge Bob and his cohorts. Well, here ya go. See? Nothing is ever wasted in Limner Land. So, I wrote the letter on a single sheet of tracing paper. It looked okay, but it needed something. The large yellow-orange butterfly was the first extra. The page still needed balance, since my left margins were off. The flower was next. It was meant to take the eye away from the margins, and back to the butterfly. Still a little off, I figured the little doohickey above the date fulfilled the rule of three for better balance.

Two more butterflies just made it prettier, right? Naturally a fish was the thing for all that blank space to the right of my sig. The rest just happened. It was fun. I used up some of the goodies ykw probably thinks of as hoarded paper. (wink) But, once the embellishments were in place, and I'd flipped the whole thing over . . . Well, something needed doing to the plain boring back. And that's where the tissue paper from a wool felt order came into play. Perfect-perfect-perfect!

Such an unusual letter required an unusual envelope, right? It took me seven minutes to come up with the solution to end solutions. JC cut a length of cardboard tubing from a longer piece last month. It was ideal only too short. But, part of a sheet of watercolor paper from India was just right. I measured twice, and I cut once. Okay, I just guesstimated. I cut, I rolled, I taped and I glued. I conquered.

The final piece is drying now, or I'd take photos to show you what it looks like. There's always tomorrow . . .

Goodnight, please let the letter bug bite.

This Limner


  1. Oh the letter bug is not around ? I hope you get the letter bug back . Im glad you enjoyed the feathers and the mini bookmark .

  2. My family always knows when a letter or package is from me because it is never "plain". If there is surface for drawing or writing, why waste good space, write??

    P.S. Thank you for your most recent letter to me. I didn't expect it because I was behind in returning your previous letter although ours surely passed in the mail this time. I heard a long time ago it is proper etiquette to return the favor of a letter within 2 weeks but I was way outside the "rules". I'm so glad your letter writing has no rules, my friend!!

  3. I have to think it would be pretty hard for your sister to keep from responding to such a beautiful letter. Lucky sister!!

  4. Phonelady61, indeed I do like the bookmark and feathers! They're still on display. The feathers will go into my feather keeper album, and the bookmark will be put to use very soon. Thanks again.

  5. For real Susan. And I've been enjoying the road trips you let me tag along on. I could have sworn a dragonfly smacked me in the forehead yesterday. :) Maybe it was my imagination.

    As far as letter writing etiquette goes, I believe one should write only when they feel a letter coming on. If it's forced it's just etiquette making you do it. I'll be slowing down soon. My shoulder needs a lube and repair job. I am actually looking forward to getting it done; it's the down time I fret about. It will be left hand pecking and printing then. So, I am enjoying it while I can.

    Be well.

  6. Dear Maria, from your fingers to her eyes. LOL! She insists she doesn't like to write letters. It's true. I don't recall her ever writing when I lived in other states. She doesn't know what she's missing. She could have a Maria pen friend, too!