Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Practice Sessions

What can I say? I like this postcard. JC sent it.

This is just cute.

This puts the "aw" in awesome.
Can you imagine doing so much detail work? I'm willing to bet Misty can. I stare. I look. I imagine. I come here to play. In my mind. I explore every nook, cranny, between lines . . . Oh, to be young, gifted and talented again. 

Then there's this. Reality. For now.

See? I finally got around to showing off The Postmaster. The nib is a medium, and it's going to take some getting used to. The first sample is on vellum. The letter e is a closed case most of the time. It's easier to write if I do it with the nib upside down. Imagine that! Poet Muse, thanks for the tip. It makes for a thinner line, but it also causes the nib to drag--and I worry that it's going to separate.

I'm blaming my gimpy arm for the poor performance here. See how my lines falter and shake? It's the darn spasms. 

Get the point? It's an M. 

The light catches my eye. I hear it whispering . . . "Write with me. Write with me. Write with me-e-e."

"Upside down! Pen you turn me, inside out! Upside down you turn me . . ." ala Diana Ross!

It ain't over y'all . . .


  1. I love it and the pen . Oh my to be young again ? I think not , there is no way on this earth I would want to be twenty again . LOL !!!

  2. Such lovely postcards!! I had one like the one JC sent you only mine said Ohio instead of Missouri. And that detail is outstanding!

    Thanks for showing us your writing. I think it is lovely spasms, shakes and all. =)

  3. Oh those "night times in.." always make me laugh ;) and that cat is to cute :D and the third card is just beautiful !

    pretty fountain pen, lovely writing :), I have some cheap fountain pens around (So I can use my silly ink colours) an one Parker, should use it more...

  4. Oh Noes! The letter I sent you a while back was returned to me! You think I've forgotten you!

    The post office tells me that my letter is "not deliverable as addressed, unable to forward" but I checked the address against your last letter and it matches.

    I don't really know what to do here...

  5. Update: The zip code on the return address from your last letter doesn't match the zip code on your blog.

    77449 or 77491?

  6. Oh, beat me Wolfey! Beat me with wet dental floss, 'cause I sorely deserve it. The correct one is 77491. Am glad you're smarter than this sad Limner.

    I even had a nice address stamp made with the wrong zip. Gonna tie it on a string and wear it around my neck like a hair necklace.

  7. Does this mean I've been sending all my mail to you at the wrong zip code too? I've been using 77449 with the street address, not the PO Box.

  8. LOL! phonelady61 I wouldn't want to be 20 again in 2011; however, I wouldn't mind being 20 again when I was actually 20 if I knew what I know now. Or even half.

    Chances are, I'd make the same choices and decisions, but maybe I'd have lived more than I would have been lived on.

  9. Pen Thief, sometimes I almost convince myself into thinking I know you from another life time. :) You were either my mother or my sister, and you took good care of me.

    Thanks for always being so extra kind and considerate of my failings and falterings. You are balm to this oft flagging spirit--making it falter less. :) You manage to pierce my heart--leaving healing shrapnel behind.

    You are a lovely mystery.

  10. Henderica, you sly vixen, you! I am so out of the loop. I laughed hard when I saw JC's card in the mail box. He bought it at the air port, knowing I'd like it. I need to get out more, huh?

    That avatar suits you. I love your colors! One of my weaknesses is the fountain pen. I might have a lot. I refuse to say I have too many. There's no such thing, right? Thanks for the nice comments. I'm still loving the card you gave me. :)

  11. Patty, Patty, oh Patty! Dear Patty, dear. The correct P.O. Box address is: Limner, P.O. Box 6943, Katy, TX 77491-6943. I promise it's correct, because Speck and Wolfey can back me up. The 77449-2611 is correct for the asylum that has adopted me as their mascot. ;) For real girl.

  12. Oh, and by the way, your gimpy-armed, faltering, shaky, damn spasm-troubled penmanship (your words, not mine) still runs rings around mine, even on my BEST day. Just sayin'.

  13. I will have a look around for one from here ;) Haven't seen them lately but wasn't really looking for them

  14. Great! I hope you find at least one. :) I wish I could get one from every state in the US, and more from around the world. I feel like the country mouse going to the city for the first time. There are so few postcards in Katy. I spent an afternoon looking! I get most of mine from Barnes & Noble, and their rack is almost empty. The other go-to-place is Hallmark. I guess I'll just keep making my own. :(

    Wow. I feel like I live a sheltered life. LOL!

    Thanks for keeping an eye out. :)