Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Blueberry Nights & Day Quill

Channel surfing is for the bored. Aha! It's also a way to stumble upon movies you might not watch 'cause you've never heard of them. Such is the case with "My Blueberry Nights."

"MBN" is a movie that blipped across my radar. It's just like Patty and I believe: Nothing happens by chance. I came in maybe midway. It's the part where Jude Law is thinking out loud--explaining why he's writing postcards--as he writes postcards. I am still so caught up in those postcards. All those rectangles with images on front, stamps on back, and those red stamped hands with the index finger pointing at "Return to Sender" for what ever reason--most probably "no forwarding address," snagged my imagination and won't let go. Not yet.

I mean, Law's character is writing and mailing postcards to restaurants where his love interest might be working as a waitress. Why? And how they can be returned is beyond my ken, since I haven't seen the whole movie. Yet. Unless. they're postcards of his eatery, and the name and address is printed . . . Okay, it's possible, but I couldn't help wondering.

I do know that Natalie Portman is such a natural as the gambling, lying, needy, accidental life teacher, that I'd watch it again just to hear her do the best "git-gone" accent ever. I hate it when actors and actresses try to do a southern or western accent and totally suck at it. Portman nails the accent, the body language, AND the tears. I tell you, the girl can act.

Norah Jones? Not so much. She's pretty and all, but she should stick to singing, and NOT c&w.

Back to those postcards. I want to watch MBN from the beginning and up to the point where Law is at the counter writing with such intensity. I want to see his postcards. Why? Because I'm curious. Aren't you? Don't you want to know who wrote the screen play? And where they got the idea to send postcards like that?

The best parts of the movie--the ones I saw--were scenes with Portman. The ending fell flat. Some things are like that. Like wanting something and getting it and having it disappoint once you do. Like my quill pen?

Nope. My flaming red pen is so hot. I found my thrill in the tip of a quill, and not on blueberry hill. (groan time) I've used it. Oh, how I have used it. I've written on tracing paper, on ruled notebook paper, and on vellum. I haven't tried parchment yet though, 'cause I can't find it.
Before I gave in and bought the quill of my dreams, I had quill hope. I practiced being a quill owner. I bought a Swarovski crystal inkwell that has a gold quill. Tiny little thing. Then I bought this a couple of years ago. It was meant for my charm bracelet, but I needed something for this neat necklace . . .

I had ink on hand ahead of time.

Maybe, unconsciously, I'd been saving a lot of things for My First Quill Day.

(to be continued)


  1. I love your letters! I feel guilty because of late I have been just scribbling my return letters and getting them in the mail ... too fast. I do not have cable so don't get many shows to watch but this definitely sounds different and interesting.

  2. Hey, Susan Mail arrived today! It was nice to see two envelopes waiting for me when I opened the mail box. The other was from a first time writer. I read both in the post office parking lot. Took my mind off the heat and hurting. When I got home there was Patty Mail, too! Three treats in one day was almost more than I could stand. :D

    I might have to see if I can rent "My Blueberry Nights" if it doesn't come on again. Will let you know if it's truly worth watching, okay?

  3. Oh dear Im afraid mail has been so slow lately . I have sent both you and Bev letters , and neither one has seemed to reach either of you yet . I hope i hear that at least one has hit you soon . take care my dear . Im afraid I have been amiss in not sending a quote.
    So as par usual here is one :
    "She stood there until something fell off the shelf inside her."
    — Zora Neale Hurston (Their Eyes Were Watching God)
    This is how Im feeling lately .

  4. Phonelady61 all your mail arrived, safe and sound. I can't help wondering why you feel this way. One would think having something fall off the shelf inside them would be a good thing. Or maybe not, if it's something good. Or did you mean your eyes have been watching God? Oh, how you make me think about such stuff! :)

    Be well my friend.