Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mark the Date

Okay, there's no need to mark your calendar since the big day is tomorrow today, but maybe you should tie a string around your pointing finger, if you're anything like me. I've been having attacks of CRS (can't remember stuff) lately. No way could I forget my only child's birthday though. I hope you won't either.

The chance to enter the birthday give-away ends tomorrow tonight at 11:11 PM. Details Here:

Good luck! 

Moanday's mail went out. 
Tuesday's mail went out.
Today's mail went out.

I sank fast.
Couldn't control the pen.
Talk about fighting fear. 
Darkness descended. 

Writing letters was pretty much it.
Couldn't work as an artist any more.
Couldn't manage either tripod.
Reduced to take-out
Because I couldn't cook.
Pots too heavy to lift with one hand.
That's cast iron for you.

"What's left?"
That's what I asked.
Sarcasm does nothing.
Doesn't change anything.

Sleep, rain, quiet time does.
Doing nothing can be a good thing.
The ugly, hot-to-the-touch swelling went on a diet.
Acute pain took a holiday
In the nick of time.
Darkness lifted. 

Lessons learned that aren't too private: 
Be open and receptive to all good. 
Sometimes it's okay to embrace pain.
Write on.
Even if it means using a wp,
I can always sign my name.

1001 Thanks!

Sincerely sincere,

This Limner


  1. Oh my dear I must say Im glad to see you back on happy and healthy . Take care .
    An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have. The older she gets, the more interested he is in her."
    — Agatha Christie

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  3. Hey phonelady, and thanks. Hope you are well, cool, and getting good mail. I'm trying to get caught up. Pecking is still faster than writing by hand. JC does the post office runs for me before and after work. I have a new system that seems to be working well.

    Am scheduled for an MRI next week. Yes! Keep an eye out for Limner Mail.