Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Get So Emotional Over Mail

I hope the USPS never releases video from those cameras in post offices. If they do, I'd go into hiding because surely they catch me getting all emotional when I open my box. That includes the times when its empty, but most especially when there are surprises like this . . . The Pen Thief struck again. :) Misty, thank you so much. My favorite postal clerk thinks it's just the cutest thing. She was surprised that a duck could buck the system and arrive safe and sound.

JC was as taken with this envelope as I am. Misty asked me how I open my mail once. I'm not sure if I told her, but the question caused flashbacks to old letter-opening memories--mine and other people's methods. I try to remember to use one of the many letter openers I have, but . . . Okay, this isn't about that. I'll address the mail-opening question later. I apologize for being side tracked, but this lovely envelope was partially open upon arrival and it reminded me of Misty's question. Henderica's awesome card was peeking through a slit that was in danger of opening completely. With a little encouragement, it opened much neater than I could have opened it in the parking lot with a key.

Yep, I was so excited I finished opening it, and I read it in the post office parking lot. Thank you Henderica! You and Misty are such amazing, creative artists. I reckon all letter writers are. And Henderica, those Nederland stamps lit a light bulb over my head. There is a town called Nederland. Nederland, Texas. I'm going to research its history to see where the original settlers came from. 

This is the awesome card Henderica made. Isn't it beautiful? The stitching is all done by hand. :D It begged to be touched! So I did. I gently ran a finger along the designs, from top to bottom. I just had to. Hope I didn't leave any oil behind. I think it deserves a mat and frame. The cat is actually 3D! Such creative people, letter writers!

I have a lot of great things to share from mail I've gotten. I need to get over being so private, and I'm working on it. Every piece of mail that comes my way is so special. It's colorful, creative, beautiful, amazing, wicked at times, and it's all mine. :) I'm trying to save it for after surgery, when I won't be able to blog much. That's when I'll be more involved with Show & Tell. 

Good things came, and good things went. . . The Moanday Mail Bag goes out no matter what. Neither rain, nor drought, nor broken down shoulders will prevent it from its appointed rounds. So far. And, our sense of humor rolled over. It was just playing 'possum. See?

The caped wonder went out today. I'll give you 3 tries to guess who  the recipient might be. The bovine beauty doesn't have a confirmed owner yet.

I'm keeping my promise not to mention the pen again until after I have handwriting samples to share . . .

But I gotta tell ya', that Good Earth tea goes well with a new stamp encrusted fountain pen, for real. (wink)

I am crazy for unusual postcards. If this one don't beat all, then I don't know what does. I like people who have great comedic taste.

Aren't cats wonderful? They're as unique as people who love to write letters. How's your journey so far? I wouldn't change anything about mine, even if I could.


  1. Ah it arrived rather fast :D glad you like it, and beware I have more cat crafting items ;)

    That duck is to cute :) and I love that cat tree card !

    I hope the original settlers came from over here ;)

  2. Amen , I dont think that I would change my journey either and it aint over yet .. I love the possum and the bovine cutie . My goodness I am just in love with that possum where did you get it ? Oh well take care and stay cool .

  3. I am glad that she made it through the mail system ok!! I was worried that the tag would come off, but clearly it didnt. Mr. Carter has some things we found that he will be sending off shortly. Needless to say the lil guy is not feeling well again.

  4. Cats are wonderful. I can't imagine life without one underfoot :-)

  5. That's a nice thing to hear phonelady61. LOL! That's a cow and a caped ape--not a possum in sight. :) Will do, and ditto. Hope it's not this hot in hades.

  6. Henderica, just as I suspected, Nederland, TX was originally a Dutch settlement. :) Google Nederland, TX . . . :)

    "The more prominent families were named Rienstra, Doornbos and Van Oostrom, and their descendants still live in the area today. Tradition says they were attracted to the flat coastal terrain that reminded them of their homeland (although the heat most certainly did not). Nederland's Dutch heritage is commemorated by the Dutch Windmill Museum located on Boston Avenue."

    Imagine that! LOL! I learn a lot from stamps.

  7. Ah yes :) It's very flat around here and we don't like the heat that much no ;)

  8. PostMuse, why do I keep reading you as Poet Muse? I guess I see you as some poet's muse. I apologize, although I have done things like this all my life, so I don't think I can help it. :)

    I can't imagine life before Talulah and her babies. Now we've added a stray I've named Feist. She also answers to Lil' Bit. She's a feisty little bit of this, that and the other. And yes, they're always under foot. :)

  9. Henderica, JC reminded me that there's a Nederland, Colorado as well. I think I've been there. :)

    I'm a native Texan who didn't like the cold until I lived in Colorado. Now I have trouble with the Texas heat. Wish I lived in Eden, where the climate would be ideal. I sip iced water and walk around without sun glasses. Then I'd write letters and read books in the shade. :)