Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Get Me To The Post Office On Time

That's what yesterday's mail sounded like as I reluctantly prepared my mail bag for Moanday's Mail Run. Okay, so maybe it was me, but I imagined that's what those letters and cards would have whispered if they could. I was running late because my get-up-and-go felt like it was pulling in the opposite direction. But, just like the postman, I stuck to my self- appointed rounds: From my house to the USPO. I had 11 pieces of correspondence that needed to catch a ride, a flight, or both.

See the card on top, to the left? That's my version of silly. I think I had the nerve to buy two. LOL. The b&w looked nice atop the pretty, soothing blue. See how the red bar blends in with the red jags? Totally accidental. I just tossed each piece atop the pile as I finished . . .

I should have taken the time to figure out why those soldiers were atop those poles. Looked like they were playing one man tether ball. But what do I know? Am willing to bet someone here who is much smarter knows what they're doing. 

The card underneath is one of ten I ordered from MOO. They were all bad. They offered to replace the entire order because they had been under-processed. I "put them in a safe place" and forgot them until recently. I wonder if the offer still stands. With Apple I don't have to alter or enhance anything, though. Some kind soul asked if the postcards Apple did from my photos were for iPhoto only. I kinda-sorta sought an answer, then gave up because typing has become a major pain in my . . . arm. Does anyone here know the answer? JC is a PC user, but he has i software and apps for his iPhone on his PC. He doesn't do much with his photos though, so I keep forgetting to ask him. I hate not knowing the answer to a question.

I like the beet red ink against the blue of the envelope and all those colors in that butterfly.
The yellow, red, and green atop the brown envelope looked nice until I added the tape. Turned everything opaqueish. But I needed something to keep the rub-ons from rubbing off in transit. I fell into using red ink after a visit to Cole's blog. I grew up believing writing a letter with red ink was insulting. It's what I was taught. Now it's just pretty. See? Y'all have taught me a lot about breaking the rules. I do thank you for that, along with your mail. In writing class we are taught, "Show, don't tell." For real! You all do just that. 

And this . . . This is what a stack of 11 pieces of out-going correspondence look like. I used a variety of stamps. Each is a favorite. I just like stamps so much. 

This is just another angle. Mail art rocks! So, despite not wanting to, I got the mail to the postoffice on time.

Write on, y'all! Write on!

P.S. There's more coming. If I owe you a card or a letter, believe me, you will get it. BTW? Still laughing here over Mr. Spock. 

Yours truly,

This Limner


  1. okay it is official you are the super mailer . 11 pieces of mail all at once . Wow good work dear .
    take care .

  2. I spy. That chocolate brown envie with the washi tape on the corner arrived in Crockett yesterday! Woot.

  3. Hey phonelady61. Not sure I'm a super mailer, but it sure felt good to have answered that many letters. Writing letters is easy if the mail you're answering is great. :) Letters are simply conversations on paper, right? :)

  4. LOL Patty. Glad it made it. I do like that tape. I tend to come across it when it's on sale. I do love a bargain if it's on something I like.