Sunday, June 5, 2011


Hey, all. I've been bedridden, but I tried to put the down time to good use. Well, I did after I modified my lap desk. Writing means having to bend my neck, and use some of the very muscles that are plagued with pain and spasms. Well, duh me, huh? So I stacked pillows beneath my lap desk. It raised my writing platform, but it did nothing to improve my handwriting or view. So I hope no one needs an interpreter to read my scrawl.

This is what twelve pieces of correspondence look like. I did it in less than 24 hours. Therein lies part of my problem. I take a pain pill. The pill tricks my brain into believing it's okay to do things. Doing things feels good. Doing things also exacerbates the inflammation and what ever else is going on. The pain block wears off and I'm whining, "Oh, Lord I'm in so much pain!" 

I don't know why, but I look in the mirror every time I go to the bathroom, and I go often. The antibiotic instructions came with the pharmacist's emphatic instructions to "Drink lots and lots of water!" Water is my favorite beverage, but still . . . So, I've been looking in the mirror a lot, and what I see is scary. I have one of the worst cases of bed head I've ever seen on something not stuck out in a corn field with an old hat on it's head. It's serious scary. Who knew hair could head in so many different directions at once? (Ha-ha! Pun purely accidental.)

If I were Miss Marple I'd try to solve the mystery of the Bed Head Mail Murder, 'cause this hair needs shampooing, a comb-out, or shooting. I'm not sure which would be more humane. Until I figure it out . . . Write on!

Hard hugs,

This Limner
P.S. Cathy I love you! Thanks for the lovely "get better" card. I feel your good wishes. 


  1. So sorry you're feeling poorly, but that's one impressive stack of mail you have there.

    I can't remember if I asked you before or not, but do you KNOW Margaret Shepherd? Her sister and I have been writing colleagues, off and on, for the past 30 years (we've written 2 books together and are working on the 3rd)...and we are now awaiting the birth of Margaret's niece, due any minute.

  2. Hey there Bev. No, I don't know Margaret personally. I like her little books, so I keep buying them and giving them as gifts to people who might enjoy and use the info she shares.

    Three books?! Oh, my! I wish I could say I've had one published. What are the titles? Wonder if I've read them. The world gets smaller every day.

    Wish I could get autographed copies of both Margaret's books. I ask for them so often Barnes & Noble brought out another stack. Naturally I bought more, but there was only a single copy of the one on writing letters.

    The birth of a niece is a lovely thing. Congrats to Margaret. :) And thanks for the "sorry." They're almost as rare as a set of hen's teeth here. :) Am thinking of writing scripts for the mister and daughter where they say they're so sad to see me suffer, and they'll always ask if they should come home to take care of me. :D The cat's don't care. The just want their treats and food on time.

    I'm getting some reading and writing done along with bed head. Can I read your book reviews on B&N? I've added one more letter to that stack. 13 has always been a good number for me.

    Thanks for stopping by. Will keep an eye out for those titles.

  3. P.S. Bobbie I love you too . I have something special for you which I am mailing tommorow to you I hope you like . take care.phonelady61 aka cathy

  4. Sorry to hear you are not doing well
    You do have an amazing pile of letters written while you where stuck in your bed, I usually end up sleeping or watching TV when I'm sick.
    I want to thank you for the lovely card you send me :) I received it this weekend, no that's not me on my blog header, it's a character from Final fantasy ;)
    Oh yes bed hair van be amazing, I even wonder sometimes what I'm doing during the night with it ending up weird in the morning ;)
    I'll send something back to you this week

  5. Hey, Henderica, I can sleep for just so long, then I need something to do. Television is boring. After a while everything seems to have the same plot. I've never been good at lying in bed--not even in the hospital, unless I'm sedated. LOL!

    Thanks for the hugs. I tried to be a silent trooper, but my neck and shoulder made me fall behind in answering mail. LOL! I hear you about the bad hair. I used to joke that I must break dance in my sleep 'cause my hair is so wild sometimes.

    Am happy that you like the card.

    Be well!