Sunday, June 12, 2011

All In A Day's Mail

I like mail. I like mail that matches even accidentally. It's like everyone got together and decided to send me complementary colored mail. I like colors. I haven't met I don't like. When people ask, "What's your favorite color" I tell them, "I like every color, but there are days when I like some more than others." Like red. Red is a constant. I also like black and white. Both contain every color of the rainbow.

I like pens, too, Misty. I don't like all pens though. I am a fan of fountain pens. I am beginning to fall hard for quill pens. Okay, maybe I've already fallen for them. I don't like all ball point pens. I don't write very well with them. I have a weakness for fine point felt tip pens. I have a thing for the little drawing here. Write on! indeed! It came on a surprise letter. I was so shocked you could have knocked me over with a feather. Thank you, YKW! Expect something special soon.

Oh! Add paper tape to the list of things I like. That stuff is addictive. I am working hard at being fond of duct tape. Ideas on neat things to do with it won't go away. I was at the pharmacy today. Had prescriptions to pick up. On my way to the pharmacy a stack of Duck Tape caught my eye. On my way out it whispered something to me. I'm trying to remember what it was.

Look at the reds that pop. Look at the creativity sent my way. See those ants? I promise you, they're that big in Texas. (wink) And that pen? I got it from Levenger a few years back, and let me tell you, it's still going strong. It writes ink like warm molasses oozing across the tops and down the sides of a stack of hot flap jacks.

Those smiley faces? Did they make you grin? Or did they make you smile? They make me grin every time I see them. And I stare at that long stamps with those letters. Not sure why but I always think "kite" every single time I look. Then I start thinking a lot of other wonderment too.

Now, if you look close you'll see Martha Stewart's name on those pens. The colors are to wish for, but they look prettier than they work. I have several that never worked a lick since I've had them. I always meant to return them . . . 

The artist in me loves all this color. I'd bet your artist does too. We're all artists in our souls. Some of us just have to come on out and express ourselves in some unique ways. I see letter writers as artists, too.

Here's a little something about me I never shared here before. I am a tea drinker. phonelady61 blew me away when she sent this sticker. And those tea bags I got? Well, I haven't used them yet. Will tell you why some other time.

I have several tea pots I just admire and some I use. My favorite is a plain white one. Bought it in South Carolina. (Ah! Reminded myself of a band I like: Plain White Ts.) Or maybe it was in Willowbrook Mall, at Williams & Sonoma. I have another one with ginko leaves pained on it. Got it in SC for sure. It's too expensive to use with my bum arm though. (sheepish grin from confessing such vanity) My sister, Betty gave me the cutest tea set for Christmas. It comes with its own cup/bowl. It makes two cups of tea. I haven't used it yet. Am waiting for Erin to come home. We have tea parties in bed. 

See that pretty little piece sticking into the photo on the upper left? It's a wee bookmarker phonelady61 made for me! Wait until I show you the wee book it'll be used with. And those feathers! They are from her, too. Feathers from her pretty birds. I collect feathers--another piece of trivia about this limner. My most colorful one comes from a blue jay. Now I have two more with color. Most of mine are from mockingbirds, grackles, doves, a buzzard, a peacock . . . I purchased 2 peacock feathers from Texas Art Supply last year. Would love a grouse feather. A feather from those pink parrots in Australia . . . 

Look! There's that red again. This beaut is from Carter the Great and Misty. Surely by now y'all know just how much I love your mail? I marvel, I "ooh" and "ah" out loud when I get it. Patty sends knee-slapping mail that earns me curious stares from postal patrons, 'cause lately, I've even been so excited to get mail, that I've been reading it in the post office parking lot. :) I've been so happy I just smile at the people who accost me on my way into and from the post office. They ask why I won't help them take back the country. I pretend not to see the poster of our president someone has drawn a Hitler mustache on. Hitler is a bad example to use for anything positive so the demonstrators (2) are a major turn-off. I can't help but wonder who has taken our country away from us though. Do any of you know? If you do, will you tell me so I'll know, too? I wonder if my nephew, the Marine knows. Could be he'll tell me if if I ask. You all are some of the smartest, kindest, most generous people I'm getting to know. 

BTW, he wrote to me again. :D <<--- This is me grinning. 


This Limner
P.S. Since I started writing and getting letters I have given up picking navel lint. I've been commended for it.

P.S. 2 Does anyone know where "horse feathers" comes from? Oh! And did you know where the term "pen knife" comes from? I do! I know this one. :)


  1. Oh my dear I knew you would love that tea pot and tea cup sticker . I gathered you were a tea drinker because you often use words like kettle. I love making people happy I obviously made you happy . Im so glad .

    No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful."
    — Eleanor Roosevelt

    Take care my dear Limner

  2. I am glad that you liked the envelope from Carter. =) Also, make sure to look at the blog later this evening. I am taking your advice and showing some pics of the pens I have..."stolen".

  3. BTW, those pink parrots in Australia are Galahs (or "pink and greys," as my friend called them). They were my favorite bird there. I'm sorry I never brought a feather home with me.