Monday, May 2, 2011

You've Got Mail!

Oh, Happy Day! You’ve got mail coming.
Oh Happy Day! You wrote!
Today really was a “Moan-day” here, but no matter; I bundled my bundles, and I stuffed my mail bag with words, and goodies, and books, and glad tidings. Yes! You’ve got mail! About two handfuls are headed your way. I won’t say whose way is “Your Way," but I wrote, and I wrote, until my arm got sore. So . . .
I changed skills. I went into Creative Mode, like a Transformer. Hmm. Wonder what name I should choose? Wait. First and foremost, what mode of transport would I be? It should be something reliable, sturdy, cool . . . Thunderbird! That’s what I’d be. I'd be a  light teal blue T-bird. When I was a young girl, the cool adults that sat on my grandmother’s front porch on a Sunday would call out the names of cars that passed. Someone always did my favorite:  “What's the good word?” And we'd all chorus, "Thunderbird!"
You know I asked, “What’s a thunderbird?” And no matter how many times I'd been told, someone re-told the tale of the Thunderbird. My short version:
There’s a terrapin with a beak so sharp, and jaws so tight that when it bites, it won’t let go unless the Thunderbird flies overhead, and frightens it into letting go. Now, the only time the Thunderbird flies is right before a storm. It's wings are so strong, that when they flap they make the sound of thunder. BOOM! The mythic bird with a gigantic wing span of epic proportions, casts such a threatening shadow, and creates such a frightening sound,  the terrapin opens its mouth in fear and awe . . . And your finger is freed. The End.

I know, I’m not good with short versions of anything, being a Texan and all, but I try. Stories need embellishing, if they’re meant to be any good, so . . . I’d be A Thunderbird. Not Optimus Prime, but a Prime Thunderbird. A Transformer that loves to write and receive mail. A Thunderbird that doesn’t lose its place in the middle of blogging about M-A-I-L! For real!

So, I wrote until my arm got sore. And . . . This part needs to be told too, before I forget: I saw Dr. S today. Showed her my thumb. Told her all about why I was showing it, when I’d come in for a follow-up visit. Dr. S, to her credit, examined my right thumb with the serious concern I felt it deserved. It was a short exam, though. She said, “Well, it looks like a callous to me.” I said, "But Dr. S, it’s peeling, it’s tender to the touch. I took my little scissors and cut away the peeled parts . . .” No, I don't think I write with my thumb, but then again . . .
Well, doc looked again, and said for the second time, “Try some of the ointment from last time. The one for your foot. See if that’ll work.” Right here is where I feel foolish, since I almost asked, “Could it be from writing too much?” Ahem. 

Creative mode: Good stuff. Good treasure. Goodies. Just plain old goodies! I measured twice, and I cut once. I glued, pasted, embellished, colored, taped . . . I made some goodies. I wrote some bad rhymes, had a good time . . . There's more to come!


Now. One of the best parts of this day, aside from learning that my thumb isn’t gonna fall off is, I GOT MAIL, TOO! Oh, you lovely, sweet, creative, generous people! You wrote to me! You sent me goodies! You asked me questions! You made me happy! I got more correspondence than I’ve ever gotten in my life. You’ve got mail! I’ve got mail! Mail in! Mail out! Oh, how I love the exclamation mark! And My Third Eye. 

These photos are from last night, when I was wrapping, and taping, and addressing, and stuffing my bag, just in case I overslept and didn’t have time to write more, address more . . . Please accept my apologies for the glare and poor lighting. And, please remember . . . God willing, and the creek don’t rise; I’ll do another mail run on Wednesday. There’s lots more where today’s came from.

I’ll savor the wonderful mail, and goodies you sent my way for a while before showing. That’s just the way I am. I have to savor the flavor that comes with receiving. Then, and only then will I say, “Oh, look! Look what I got! See how kind, and thoughtful, and generous, and giving are my peers?” I am grateful to be counted among you. 

Write on!
This Limner


  1. Oh its not even me whose receiving the mail but you've made me feel all giddy and excited... I want some! I need to write some letters myself first before thats going to happen.

  2. I look for a note from you every time I open my mail box Bubbles. :)