Saturday, May 14, 2011

Puzzle Solved!

This must be how Mis Marple felt . . .

. . . each time a puzzling mystery was solved . . .

. . . for everyone involved.

There couldn't be a more fitting end: New evidence to examine, and exclaim . . .

Gee Patty! Where'd ya get those stamps?


Message for Patty's eyes only. Y'all can't read it!
"Hey Patty! Thanks for playing. You are always game. I heart crossword puzzles. The harder, the better. I was surprised that the card held up as well as it did. Limner" 

Y'all may read this part:

So, I cut out a crossword puzzle. I turned it into a postcard. I mailed it to Patty, with a message, and a plea to solve and return. Well, she did. :D It came about 30 minutes ago. See?

Isn't communicating a fun thing?

Write on!


  1. what a fun idea! (I promise I skipped over the message for Patty) :)

  2. See? I knew I could trust my fellow letter-writers. :D

    Hope you'll try the idea TMC.

    Patty said she "loves puzzles of all kinds." I'm lazy. Well, I'm too lazy to even learn sudoku, although I have a thing for numbers, and loved math. Probably misspelled sudoku. LOL. Is a good thing I stick to crosswords.

  3. Hey, Limner!

    The puzzle card was fun mail. :-)

    Now, about those cool stamps. I read a post from Missive Maven who read a post from Jackie at Letters and Journals who gets her cool vintage stamps from Errol Murphy. I've ordered from him several times as well. He comes with my highest recommendation.

    Errol's email is emuryphy at and he sells the stamps at face value, plus 44 cents for his postage to mail the stamps. I think minimum order is $20 worth.

  4. wow sorry not that good at puzzles but really good at writing letters so you should see a reply by this coming wed. Hope you enjoy the reply .

  5. Looking forward to reading your great letter phone lady. We do love our mail, don't we? :)

  6. Thanks for the info Patty. I think might order some of those stamps.

    Nice to know you heart crossword puzzles, too. :D