Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh, the big things a little stamp brings!

Are there times when something so exquisite comes your way it renders you speechless? Have you ever wanted something really bad, but you talked your way out of it? Have you ever felt enriched by a gesture from someone you don't even know? Well, if you answer yes, then I am in good company, because all three happened to me at once on Saturday.

JC and I were on our way to St. Basil's Greek Festival, but I had to go to the post office first. I went on a strong hunch. It meant traveling west when the festival was to the east. It couldn't wait until after. No-o-o. I had to answer the call. And so I did.

I had mail. Yes, I did. I had several pieces of mail that couldn't bear being stuck in that narrow box with the steep walls. So I rescued it. Would have read it all in the parking lot, except I knew JC would complain and mock me. So, on to St. Basil's.

We saw miles of parked cars, people in cars looking for parking, and groups of people walking because they hadn't found parking. I tried any way--on the off chance that I might catch someone leaving. Didn't happen. I went up and down and all around St. Basil's until I was too tired to care. So, no festival this year. Instead, I drove to Whole Foods Mkt., bought crab cakes, good things to cook for sides, Steaz tea, and carrot cake.

We got our purchases iced nice and neat, then I whipped two rows over and around in the parking lot, parked, locked the Honda, and we had a lovely meal at Cantina Laredo. See?

This is my tea glass. Yum! But it's no margarita. They make the best!

Please, do not wonder why I took a photo of the salt shaker. 

And, yes, I took a shot of my mail. I read it while we waited for our starters. JC didn't mind, besides, there was a large graduation party going on. He had an assortment of sights to keep him busy. Champagne corks popped, lips of pitchers filled with sangria kissed the rims of glasses, and glass clinked glass in salutes. The women were sexy, and the men were . . . Well, manly. So, I read on. And I got all weepy and sentimental, touched and soft-hearted. I tell you, I am one of the luckiest women on the planet. I am most fortunate to have all of you as writing mates, pen pals, correspondents, and friends-in-the-making. Such wonderful people I never dreamt of getting to know! Who else except exceptional people would send mail such as this?

I love these cards. I've stared at this one so often you'd think my eyes might rub off some of the ink. For real. Such a beautiful, awesome card, I can't help caressing or tentatively touching it in wonder. Stories immediately start to form and I want to write them all down before I forget! But I have to look some more. 

Thank you dear, dear Maria! You filled my heart to overflowing. I am going to cut a mat, frame and hang this. 

Then there's this. Richard's letter brought me laughter. Made me LOL! for real. I am pretty sure someone had to have wondered if I'd emptied one margarita glass too many. It didn't matter. Thank you Richard, for your acerbic wit, and creativity. Hard hugs!

This. This made me go, "Aww, how awesome! Look JC! OMG, look!" Such talent. How inventive, creative, skilled, thoughtful. Misty, you amaze me. Thank you for such . . . Everything. You are such another exceptional letter writer.

And Wolfey! Your writing is so insightful, thoughtful, and you make me think before I read on. I find myself wondering how old you are. You make me want to dig out the books I thought I'd shelved for good. 

Writing is joy. Reading your letters is sheer . . . Bliss! 

Thank you!

Today's Moan-day Mail Bag is empty now. Mission accomplished. Mail went out to a handful of lovely people.

Write on!

This Limner

P.S. Um, did anyone notice Margaret Shepherd's visit? First one to find what she wrote and quotes her gets a Bohemian Postcard! I bought them today. Will tell you all about them tomorrow, but if I were you, I'd want one.


  1. Wow, that envelope photographs so well!! I thank you for all your kind words. I am enjoying our correspondence quite thoroughly!

  2. I love finding letters in my mailbox. Seriously one of my favourite things.

  3. Indeed it does. My words aren't kind, they're my way of expressing truth as I see it. :) I am enjoying getting to know you.

  4. wow so many talented people out there jeeze !! gotta love the mail art .