Monday, May 9, 2011


I learned a valuable lesson recently: When life hands you lemons, write letters. I did, and I enjoyed every alphabet. I am filled to brimming with gratitude that I was able to finish what I set out to do. I have much to be grateful for. Like not having had to lick stamps. I am grateful for tape. Transparent tapes, paper tapes, Japanese tape . . . Duct Tape. I have had a long affair with tape. I might be addicted to it. Surely some of you know that by now. 

I worked in the mail room for an oil company in downtown Houston, once upon a time. Being the only female in a male mail room had its perks and drawbacks, but it's the tape that I think of when I look back on that time. Well, tape and the boss. Tape me up! Tape me down! My family swears that trying to open a package from me is like trying to break into WikiLeaks. 

The best news is, I am caught up after the missing mail mess. Shades of Nancy Drew! I hope I'm caught up. If I owe you a letter, please, don't hesitate to let me know. Just wait a week first though, in case our corresponding paths cross on land, or in the air.

Is anyone familiar with the Kay Foley Dilettante Collection at the River City Rubber Works? I promise it feels like she had me in mind when she came up with this gem. So, I made myself a card. It makes me feel much better about my needing to write so much.

And I bought a new book . . . Just because. Well, actually, I bought two new books. This is just one of them. The other . . . Well, the other is for another give-away that's coming up soon. Ahem, and Amen.
Speaking of letters, does anyone remember the movie titled, "The Letter?" Was the letter ever delivered?

Time to pack my little Moan-day Mail Bag. See you in your mail box!

Write on!

This Limner.


  1. guess I had better say I never received your letter you said saturday and today is monday and still nothing okay I did wait a week , sadly I think it got lost in the jumble that is called the mail service these days . :)....

  2. This is my third try. Keep getting "Service Unavailable, Error 503" message. Will c&p it before posting this time. So . . .

    Phonelady, I wrote to you on Thursday. I've been at the postoffice on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and today. If your initials are CT, then your letter should have come by now, or maybe it will show up tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up. Let me know what the postmark says once it arrives. Thanks.

  3. Is that your Esterbrook fountain pen on top of the book? Nice!