Sunday, May 22, 2011


Opening a new box of stationery is like opening a new book. I never know where I’m likely to go. Used to be, a book would take me anywhere in the world. Now I can write a letter to someone a world away. If that’s not amazing, then I don’t know what is.
I’ve written to my nephew twice in the same week. He’s a Marine, stationed a world away, in Afghanistan. He answered via e-mail:  
Hello Auntie,

This is my email address and I just wanted to let you know that I just now received your letters.  Yes sorry to say mail is kind of ridiculously slow here and wouldn’t you know that they don’t even have a system set up where we can mail letters back out right now.  However, we have all this high speed gear and satellites that will allow us to send and receive emails over our government email accounts.  I’m doing well and . . .”
Although I love ink on paper, I still find e-mail to be a marvelous thing. My nephew is a communications specialist. Imagine that! 
Been anywhere far far away lately? Do tell!


  1. I sent a care package of coffee beans and tootsie rolls to a friend of a friend in Iraq last year. It was such a thrill when she posted a photo of herself holding a coffee cup and a tootsie roll weeks later. It's the only way I knew she received it.

    I was so happy when I returned from my 10 day trip to Arizona to find your letter in my mail stack! Going on road trips gives us a thrill and although I'm always anxious to get home near the end of the trip, I have a little hankering for the next one. Driving through south eastern Utah felt like we were in a far far away place. It's so different than anywhere else with it's huge rock formations.

    Have a great day! I've had company but I think she is leaving today so I can sit down and get some letters written this week. Ah ... that will be precious time for me.

    Warmly, Susan

  2. Nope dont plan on doing any traveling any time soon . Love the looks of the new stationery . Just really pretty. Have a fantabulous day .

  3. Thank you.

    Thank you.

    And, thank you, phone lady. May your day be to your liking, and then tweaked.

  4. Now that's memorable Susan. The photos said more than a letter, I'm sure.

    I tried to connect with you while you were road surfing on a Harley. Got bugs in my teeth and grit in my eyes, but the wind in my hair just made me grin that much harder.

    You do have a way with words. I like this: "I have a little hankering for the next one." And I could hug this: "Driving through south eastern Utah felt like we were in a far far away place. It's so different than anywhere else with it's huge rock formations." Far far away could be Utah for me, too. It's where ever your imagination or distance takes us.

    Glad you're back, wish you were there. :D Mail waiting is the equivalent of someone keeping a light on for ya!

    Hard hugs!

  5. Such a wonderful post! I always like hearing things like this. =)

  6. Hard hugs, Pen Thief! I hope he's home soon. He sent photos of their living conditions. Deplorable. And the food isn't something I would eat. It's a shame our warriors aren't better served.

  7. Thanks Medical Librarian. So do I. :) I write to him: Hello my nephew! He's a wonderful, smart, kind, thoughtful loving warrior. He has a son and two daughters. I don't know who loves the other more.