Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Good News, Bad News & I've Got the Blues

Have you ever tidied up because you needed to organize? Have you done spring cleaning and regretted it? Have you ever lost a stack of mail? Well, I have, so here's a resounding Yes! to all three questions.

High . . .

. . . high . . .

. . . lower . . 

. . . low.

I've been absent these last two days because I've misplaced mail, and I've been searching high and low, trying to backtrack. As a result, I've made a mess of all I'd tidied, cleaned out and up. I've undone most of the good I'd done. I've prayed, then rushed to see if I'd accidentally put it in the trash, the dryer, the fridge.

No such luck. I took a break. I went on safari with My Third Eye, seeking ease of mind, and possible enlightenment. This is one of three things I discovered.

I stopped to water the plants listing on the patio. When I picked up the hose to move the sprinkler, I thought I was so stressed out I'd begun to see things. Things like a kernel of corn walking. My hands shook. I took three quick shots--too afraid that I might frighten it, or worse yet, hurt it. This is the best of the lot. 

I tried again. This is the second best shot. Still shaking--muscles aching--I did my best. My tremors made it fall. It played dead--all the while, looking like a kernel of yellow corn with legs and antennae. Can you see that filament of silk?

Frustrated, I gave up. I moved on. Then this one wanted in on the action. One out of two shots stank. I'm super rattled. Where's that mail??? 

(BIG SIGH. Can you hear it from there?) I'm dangling over a well that leads to a hellish hole of remorse, despair, and rue. It's really true. (Another BIG SIGH.) Yet, mail did go out today. My bag was as heavy as my heart, over creating such a blunder. I soldiered on.


FEDEX charged over $19 for a soft, light-weight package to Chicago! Payback? I cringed as I swiped my plastic money. The gift's arrival will make its recipient's day quite sunny. Home again . . . No, wait! I'm on a roll, and although I am not Catholic, telling you about my blunder makes me wonder: Is this what confession is like? 'Cause if it is, then let me add to this litany of sins. 

Thinking I'd solved the mystery, I flew down the stairs, through the kitchen, the pantry, and back to the garage. Okay, I "hastened" to the garage, swung open a door to the Honda . . . Maybe it had fallen onto the floor, and was hiding under the seat? Well, no, but I found a postcard I thought had gone out last week. It's actually been over two, but that doesn't rhyme. Oh, what a mess! A ruined postcard, that's long overdue. But no missing mail from some of you . . .

So . . . If you wrote to me, and haven't gotten a response, will you please-please-please forgive me if I don't reply directly from your letter? I will answer. I promise. And in the process, I hope to make amends.


  1. Oh my goodness I have so done this as well . It is fine if you did not write directly from the letter . I most likely put a wad of useless info in my letters at times anyways so knowing that will now hopefully make it less complicated . LOL !!! take care and hope you find that misplaced mail .

  2. Thank you, phonelady. I'm trying to rely on memory for my answers. Hope memory serves me well. I wrote three more letters last night, I didn't count the number I sent yesterday, but I'll write more tomorrow. Apologizing and making amends is relieving my conscience to no end. :)

    I'm pretty sure I put that mail in a "safe place." I have found a $20 bill in an old book, I'd used it as a quick bookmark. Once I even found one in a dinner plate stacked with others in the cabinet. My husband gave it to me when I was doing dishes, so I told him to just put it on the top plate and I'd get it later. It was over a month later!

    I just hope people who get two replies don't think I'm senile. LOL! Memory is what it is: Often short, lost, or just jumbled.

    Thanks for your empathy and your sympathy. Expect mail before Saturday. :) If that precious mail isn't here, then someone swiped it. ;)

    See you in a mail box near you!

    This Limner

  3. The lost mail will turn up!

    About two years ago I discovered three stashes of unanswered mail. One was from when I moved from MA to PA ... it had gotten lost in the shuffle. The other two were in beautiful boxes bought specifically for storing unanswered mail, but then the ol' "out of sight, out of mind" monster got them and they just kept getting shuffled from one room to another and back again, without ever being opened.

    When I did discover all of them (big house cleaning), I diligently sat down and worked my way through response, even the ones that were 6 years old! I called them my "time capsule letters," and each response included a computer generated note with an explanation for the long delay, but I also hand wrote a response to the original missive. About 40% were returned to me marked "unable to deliver" by the USPS. One woman wrote back that she was reporting me to the USPS and how did I get her address and I must be a scammer (I sent a photocopy of her letter right back but never heard from her again). Most of the others never got a return but the folk that did response were gracious and understanding. And I still write to them.

    There were over 200 letters/notes/postcards in those discovered stashes. Should the same thing happen these days, I'd have 200 letters/notes/postcards for one month only. For this reason I don't put my mail into boxes anymore. It stays out so I always see it and though it sometimes makes me very anxious as it piles up, I know it is better this way, for me anyway. Lots of my letter writing friends are quite good about keeping their incoming organized and out of sight.

    Enjoying your blog ... you have such a wonderful style!

  4. Ah. I have lost mail too. Most recently received mail, which is not as bad as outgoing mail--because really, who is ever satisfied with trying to *re*create what we were already happy with?

    I hope you find them!

  5. Thanks PoetMuse. Thanks Wolfey. I'm still looking. What looks like chaos to some is organized chaos to me. I always have problems when I neaten things too much.

    I mailed five more letters today. I need to know who sent me the tea. Can't remember for love or money. Funny thing is, I found the tea bags in my shoulder bag. One day I put the iron in the fridge. My mind is always on something else! I live on auto pilot most of the time because I'm always designing something in my head. :)

    Wolfey, did you get your gifts?