Thursday, May 5, 2011

Coming Soon, To A Mail Box Near You!

I couldn't resist going Hollywood on you. I mean, after all, I have Gregory Peck sitting next to me on the sofa. Makes me feel like I should be wearing Bette Davis glasses, a blonde Lana Turner blonde, a Marilyn Monroe sweater, and a Rita Hayworth bra. They're better than Boo Radley, although "To Kill a Mockingbird" is still one of my favorite stories, and one of my top ten b&w movies. 

My favorite scene in the movie is when Atticus kills the poor rabid dog--proving that heroes aren't always buff, and they can wear glasses. For me, intellect is the biggest turn-on ever.  But, this isn't about what turns me on. Or is it? 

Ahem, and Amen. So, I bought the stamps yesterday. I bought three panes of postage, because of Gregory Peck. Well, they're not all his stamps; I got the kumquats, too. And stamps for Canadian postage. I've been using international stamps. Now I'm saving twenty-three cents per letter. 

See? How economical am I now? 

Back when I didn't have hardly a soul to write to, I still had at least one pane of a favorite stamp when price increases rolled around. Now I'm actually running out of postage. I'm getting to use all that penny postage with my forty-two cent stamps. I'm catching up. Imagine that!

I'm able to use up embellishments, stationery, ink cartridges, and clear my head on pages of stationery, too, by writing to you. I've had some ink cartridges for so long, the ink evaporated. Not any more! Oh, I wish you could be me for just one day! But, since you can't, I'll write to you instead. 

A handful down--another handful to go. So, stay tuned for mail that's coming soon . . . to a mailbox near you!

Psst! Did you know the mockingbird is our state bird?


  1. okay time to pull out trivia did you know that gregory peck had the biggest crush on audrey hepburn ? and that the lady who wrtoe to kill a mockingbird thought so much of peck that she named one of her sons peck ? she also said that gregory peck reminded her of her father with the white suit on so much so it brought tears to her eyes .

  2. I think I heard about the crush on AMC. LOL. I carry a lot of useless trivia inside my head. I used to dream of being a contestant on Jeopardy.

    Can't say I heard the bit about naming her son Peck. Bet he got "pecked" on a lot when he was a kid. ;)

    I think I recall that about her father, too. I read that in a piece someone wrote in the NYT last year.

    You know, I didn't know Holly Golightly was a hooker . . . I mean call girl, until recently. I learn a lot from AMC. :)