Friday, April 29, 2011

We have a winner . . .

In fact, we have several. I made major mistakes announcing the winner of my little birthday give-away. I always honor my word, though. So, The Pen Thief receives a copy of The Art of the Handwritten Note, by Margaret Shepherd, no matter what.

The actual winner's entry bore the 25 April postmark. There were two that bore the date, but THE WINNER is Wolfey, in Sleepy Hollow, NY. Congratulations, Wolfey! Your book will go out in my "Moan-day Mail" bag.

BTW, Wolfey, what a great card! It's almost hot enough to roast here in our neck of Texas. I like your handwriting. Major art skills working with that paw print on back of the envelope. As if the Buddy Holly stamp wasn't special enough, you blew the creative ball out of the park with the star stamps, surrounding it. 

Thank you all for entering my little give-away. It's a first, where someone actually wanted the prize. I want to show you more photographs, tell you more about the entries, but asthma is forcing me to stop. Time for another treatment, so . . .

Write On!

This Limner


  1. so good to see that there are other ppl that write letters.

  2. Wow! Yay! Glad you liked the card! I'm enjoying your blog, so it's nice to be a part of it.

    Be well!

  3. What a nice idea! I wrote that "prize" book and I am absolutely thrilled to see it on your blog. Now, may I send you--what else!--a handwritten note of thanks? Margaret Shepherd

  4. Hello Margaret Shepherd. Thanks for stopping by. Your lovely little book is still the "go to" for a reference on writing notes.

    The winners of your "Art of the Handwritten Note" wrote the nicest thank-you notes! You would be proud. You have two thumbs up across the writing desk.

    Any snippet of advice you'd like to offer? Thanks.