Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pour vous, my friend . . .

There are three things I cannot live well without. I cannot live well without reading, writing, and creating. I am a greedy reader. I am never at a loss for words when it comes to writing in my journals. This does not mean that I am a wonderful writer. And, I think I would be a vegetable if I couldn't create on some level. To prove my creativity I present you with this bit of evidence.

It's a heartfelt creation for a friend. It is for a writing friend. I haven't heard from her since I had surgery. Hoping she didn't think I'd passed beyond the veil, Life put a burr under my saddle and this is what came of it. I sent a note of inquiry about her health. The note's front was plain, so I dug out a box of magic, and got busy. Want to see what came together? Have a look-see.

The A is for her name. It's a lovely name. When mail comes from my friend I exclaim, "I've got A_____ mail!" When the box is empty I sigh, "No A_____ mail today." 

The green border is for spring.

This little statement is true, no? Divas do believe. Diva defined is: an admired, glamorous, or distinguished woman. My letter-writing friend is certainly admired by me, and she is distinguished. Only she knows if she is glamorous, although I suspect that she is, hence the ruby slippers on loan from Dorothy.

Hey is hello in Texan. That tiny wand hanging above the E in Hey is working its magic. My letter-writing friend will hear me say "Hey, girl! How are you" all the way from here. That, my friends, is the power of belief and magic. That, and HOPE. Divas believe and Hope.

Sunshine seasons? Why, they're spring and summer for sure. It's spring here, feels like summer with 90 degree weather. I wish for sunshine to stream down on my friend, because it's still cold in her neck of the world. Warmth, and joy, good health, and the power of flowers are the gifts I would bestow on her if I could. Instead, I wish these things because I do believe. And I live with hope. 

To mark the date I used a date stamp and turquoise ink.

So, beneath the seal and the lovely creation, lie words from my heart not disguised as art, but honest wonder: 

Dear A______. How are you my friend? I hope you are well. I want spring to have come to stay for you, or to at least visit from time to time. I miss you. I am well. Hope to hear from you soon.

This Limner

So, tucked within
 and sealed
with best wishes 
and goodwill
it's ready to sail
safe, beneath the seal
 of the U.S mail!


  1. I'm not sure which is more lovely--the creation you sent to your friend or the photographs you made to present your artistic side to blog readers. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dear Medical Librarian,

    Thank you for such a touching compliment. I really miss my pen pal. She writes such wonderful letters. It's like chatting on the phone.

    She's an interior decorator and I'm an artist. My little creation was a tribute, my way of expressing this sadness that's weighting me down. Your comment lessened this heaviness in my heart. You let me know that someone in the universe heard, and knows how I felt.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    This Limner