Saturday, April 16, 2011


No matter how you look at it, or think of it, it’s postage. It gets the job done. It doesn’t mean you have to make-do when it comes to stamps, though. Envelopes don’t have to be boring, thanks to mail art. See here: Crank it up a notch. And work your stamps while you’re at it.

You want personal? Well, welcome to my world! Nothing is more personal than your own stamps. Mine were made by Photo Stamps, online. I bought them for a line of cards I sold on Etsy. The stamp is a photo of flowers from my garden, two of the notecards, the fancy mailer envelope filled with cards, and closed with a wax seal L, for limner, and that pen. Oh, that pen! It's my first really special fountain pen. It was a gift from my daughter, Erin. 

So, now, what's more original than having stamps that match your very own notecards? Curious? Why not try it and see. And if you're daring, and actually do it, will you please, please, please send me one as a souvenir?

Thanks in advance!

This Limner

Limner Cade
P.O. Box 6943
Katy, TX 77449-2611

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