Monday, April 18, 2011

My Love & An Apostle, or . . .

Oh, how I remember "Griffin & Sabine!" Makes me blush now, just thinking about the way I felt back then. I had it bad in '94. I fell in love all over again. I fell with a lover, and soared on a word: "e-p-i-s-t-le." Epistle. Morgan & epistle. 

First time I heard the word was in Sunday school. That's where I heard all about St. Paul, too, but it wasn't until I read "Griffin & Sabine" that my view of the word changed. Love shook off the dust and boredom of old St. Paul, and made a seven letter word come to life. Poems and poets! Sonnets and nosegays! Willie Shakespeare to my rescue! Yes! And it's all coming back to me now.

 This is my "G&S" address book. It is 17 years old! Am I the only one who remembers?

I googled the title yesterday. A lone copy sells at Amazon for an amazing $100. Mine is priceless. I wouldn't sell it for love or money. (Grinning here!) Cliche intended. I learned in writing class that the only time one should use is a cliche is when one intends to, and does so deliberately, and knowingly.

I had dreams of lovers trysting. LOL! Of course I was one of the lovers. Trysting? Yep, it's a real word. I couldn't tryst today if he paid me, though. 

I'm too tired. Tired from not sleeping. Maybe if it were summer? My libido isn't so tepid then. I wonder . . . 

Flipping through pages on my trip down Memory Lane, I saw entries like this, and I could not help but pause. And wonder. No wishing. Just wondering: Would it have been so good? As good as we imagined, had we not met?

Whew! That bag was tagged, and checked a long-long time ago! Time to move on, and right-along, Miss Sister.

And, so, memories are good things. And, so are poets, poems, sonnets, and such.

for . . .

" . . . true love is a durable fire
In the mind ever burning;
Never sick, never old, never dead,
From itself never turning."

Walter Raleigh


My soul gave me good counsel, 
teaching me to love.
Love was for me a delicate thread 
stretched between two adjacent pegs,
but now it has been transformed . . . 
It encompasses every being,
slowly expanding to embrace
all that ever will be.

Jalil al-Din Rumi



  1. Griffin and Sabine!!! I had forgotten about those two and the delightful books!! In the mid-90's I worked in a funky art gallery in BC and we sold those books and I LOVED them. Had completely tucked that away in my mind somewhere until I read your post about it! Thanks for the memory.
    Limner......I have something to send you and have searched your blog (s) for a snail mail address. Please email it to me at

  2. I have fond memories of the Griffin & Sabine books, too, though I'm not sure I still have any of them now. There's something about the idea of reading someone else's mail and having little pockets, etc. to open in the book--very fun.

  3. Hey Julie. I thought I was the only one who remembered. :D I bought two of the books, the address book, and a box of postcards. Until the last year or so, that address book was in near mint condition. It has held up better than any I've ever owned. In fact, I still use it.

    Oh, I love surprise "somethings for me." Please, please, please write down my address. :)

    I have followed your blog for a while. You all make me feel like I'm a part of an amazing club. I had no idea there were other letter-writing devotees until I googled out of curiosity. I love the photo of you reading a letter.

    Glad you remembered Griffin and Sabine. It's making my day.

  4. Medical Librarian, your comments made me grin. I don't feel so old and defunct after Julie's and your comments.

    I'd done the envelope thing for years. It started out as little notes with a memento tucked inside, then glued to a journal page. With Griffin and Sabine + being in love, things really took off. :D I think my daughter will be shocked to read my old love letters and cards tucked inside some of my journals. Just hope she doesn't find them until long after I'm gone though. LOL!


  5. Here's another fan of Griffin & Sabine's extraordinary correspondence. I think I still have all the books. I'm usually very generous about loaning out books. But not those; I was sure whoever borrowed them would love them as much as I did and would never return them. So, I didn't take any chances. :)

  6. Ah, Limner J: I, too, remember G&S with fondness. Wow. That must've been ... too many years ago. University daze. :) Thanks for the trip down Amnesia Lane. I'll go to the library in the morn and take 'em out again, methinks.


    P.S. Book on its way south.... You won't get it by Monday, but consider it a (belated) birthday celebration!

  7. Ha--how lovely to see fellow Canadian Julie K here, too. Funny how small the Global Village becomes, eh, when we have common interests?

  8. EMP, happy to hear you were a fan as well. If I knew where the box of postcards is hidden, I'd use one for each of you ladies.

    Am excited over the book. Thanks again.

    It's driving me to pacing, and thumbing through pages. Please tell me if the crate sinking was written in the book Broken Open. I've read it before. (sigh) Muttering: Will I ever find out? :)

    Have a Happy Today.

  9. I thought I'd posted a comment from my phone, but sometimes it does weird things, so maybe it didn't go through.

    Anyway, count me among the fans of Griffin & Sabine's extraordinary correspondence. I bought all the books and still have them around here somewhere. I'm usually very generous loaning out my books, but not these. I was (and am) certain whoever borrowed them would love them as much as I did, and I'd never see them again. So, I didn't take any chances. :)

  10. Patty,

    Thanks for trying a second time. The fault could be on my end. Will check to find out later tonight, but posted this reply just in case.

    I still use my G&S address book. It holds fountain pen well, and every time I use it, fond memories swell. :)

    Knowing others remember the stories does my heart good. None of my friends or family gave a fig. Even now, my sister asked, "Who?" So, the five of us who remember equals a handful.

    Thanks! :D