Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mental Health Day(s)

When I worked for an HMO in Colorado, we had mental health days. The only problem I had with that particular perk was not knowing when I'd need one ahead of time. There were times when I needed to signal "time out" in the middle of a work day, the way players do during a game. I needed a mental health day two days ago. I had to call a time out.

I had to miss a doctor's appointment yesterday, because I hadn't slept well two nights in a row, and the lack caught up with me. I didn't trust myself to drive because I couldn't focus. Being too tired to get dressed was the only light spot of the day. I wondered what would have happened had I showed up in my night gown and slippers. The thought made me laugh. My only one of the day.

So, I took two days off because I couldn't do anything better. Last night I took a pill I said I'd never swallow. I'm too tired of antidepressants to even tell you how I feel about them. But, I prayed, and swallowed one last night. I took my shower at 8:30. I was in bed by 9:00. No television. I usually read until I'm drowsy, then lights off. Last night I read until midnight, although the little pill made me sleepy. It reminded me of the way anesthesia makes me feel: All numb-brained from the inside-out. Not sure why the med took so long to knock me out, I'm just glad that it did.

I woke once just, to urinate. I almost fell asleep sitting there, 'cause it took so long. The stream turned into a cataract! Back to bed, I had long, drawn-out dreams. But I slept. No thrashing. No talking or gesturing. No trying to climb the headboard. And I woke early--around 9:30.

Still feeling drugged, I turned over to finish off the dregs that kept me tied to the Land of Nod. I woke again around 2:45 P.M. Imagine that! The second I put one foot on the floor, it happened. I stumbled. Then I staggered--headed straight for the wall. No injury, thank goodness, but I've been listing like a drunk all day. I'm still drowsy. I wanted to go back to bed, yet I'm glad I didn't, 'cause if I'd given in I'd have missed a list of wonderful things!

1) Lovely, special, beautifully written e-mails from EMP!
2) An amazing, beyond awesome letter/package of goodies from Letter Rip!
3) An early arrival from River City!
5) Beautiful comments on my blogs!
6) Notice that someone on Good Reads liked my review of The Postmistress! One is better than none.

And more! Oh, so much more!

Best of all, yesterday I took my little bag of mail to my favorite post office, and my favorite clerk waved at me! They still thank me for those cupcakes from Ohh la la! I appreciate what they do at the post office, so those little treats were well-deserved. I'd go bananas if I had to do what they do, day in and day out.

I had difficulty taking a photo of the finished piece without revealing the address. 

So, I mailed my packages, and all of my postcards, notes and letters . . . Except the one I overlooked on my desk. I put together another Mama Cares package for Erin last night. I bought something for her--something I'd share with you here, but ykw might see this. I'll show you the full package another day. And, I'll tell you where I found the cards if you don't already know.

Tomorrow I'll tell you how kind the clerk was about the trouble she had affixing postage  to one package. An unexpected shopping trip three days ago netted this limner so many goodies to share! And I finished my purple fish! I hadn't sewed in over a week.

I know, there are way too many exclamation marks in this post, but today has been filled with exclamation mark moments.

Write on!

This Limner


  1. I have often imagined coming to my psychiatrist's office in my pajamas. I mean there is already an assumption that I am crazy if I am headed to that end of the hospital and I already know my therapist would get the joke. I've thought about wearing some sort of crazy cat sweatshirt too.

  2. LOL! I like you catwrangler. I've spent minutes sitting here wondering how I'd look walking into my therapist's office all nightgown-clad, slipper-shod, and sporting a major case of bed head. :D My shrink would just grin, hug me, and say, "Love your gown. Now get on the scale."

    Great minds do tend to think alike. ;) You're wonderful.